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For two years have I been doing the A-Z blogging challenge during the month of April, but this years I will struggle to keep up with a post every day – so I have decided to do a challenge of my own and in  my own time.

During the two years I done so far I have brought Sweden to you and I will continue doing that – but because our alphabet has 29 letters, my challenge will be called: My Personal A-Ö, Postcards from Sweden. Any one that what to do the same are welcome.

I got the idea from my lovely blogging “girlfriend” Jo@Roaming, at home and abroad – who does two; one about her Polish roots and one about her beloved retreat Portugal.

There are no rules what so ever with this challenge – more than we give a piece of our country to each other letter by letter in our own time, it can be about anything that is strong related to our home country. No need to use private images. Anything goes.
I just like the idea that we should get to know some more understanding for each other national roots. If you want to – you can link your post back to this.

If you need help with creating your stamp – I will do one for you.

I will also give you some Swedish music clouds with my posts – and this is our national hymn, “Du Gamla Du Fria” – performed by our biggest football star ever;  Zlatan Ibrahimović, from a commercial he has done for Volvo XC70.

This commercial give you 3 of the best of Sweden; the landscape, Volvo and Zlatan; a beautiful commercial. A perfect launch for my challenge.

My letter A postcard will be published next week.

I hope you will enjoy my postcards  … and I hope you will send some too.

“It is not easy writing
someone a postcard.
The size and shape
of the card cut you
down to size…”

Ron Padgett

30 thoughts on “my personal a-ö, postcards from sweden

  1. Great idea! I’m in. Doing AtoZ, too, as I’m still a beginner and it’s such good training. Watch for my “postcards from the US” as soon as I figure out how to do it. Hugs –

    • Thank you, I love my country and I’m very proud over it – we have a pretty good thing going on even if not perfect. We load of things to be proud over – for being a small country. I’m willing to share everything with those that is interested. .

    • Thanks, the same to you …. but the weekend is nearly good. If I lived in Brighton now I would have walked down the pier and had some fish & chips, god – I crave for that just now. *smile

  2. Sounds inviting and interesting Viveka! Let me think more about it. It is quite a challenge since I am still in the US. Thank you for the invitation.

    • You have a challenge yourself … with a post every day – that is hard going, so I understand if you don’t jump on mine.
      I really just did the challenge for myself – because I will not be able to keep up with the official one that starts the 1.04 and but it’s a good way to meet new bloggers – one every day fare too much.
      And it goes by A-Z. Thanks for consider the challenge.

  3. It’s very strange when you’re reading a post and suddenly you find yourself in there! Thank you, Vivi 🙂 I love your postcard. Will it be ok if I link my A-Z’s to it? (when I get my lazy self to write another, that is 😦 ) Late night hug! I’m waiting for Nadal to play in Miami but it’s 12.30 and he hasn’t started yet. I may have to record it. The beauty sleep is long gone 🙂

    • So you are a tennis fan … wonderful, it’s a long time since I watched tennis, but when Borg, Wallander and Edberg was playing I watched all the time, especially Björn Borg, he made the world stop in his fantastic matches and they were marathon matches most of them. Those was the tennis days. I don’t have clue who is the top players now .. the sister Williams of course. I hope you have seen the match by now. We Swedes are doing much better in golf those days and that I watch at times. Breakfast hug.

      • Forgotten to say … of course you can like up with me, you’re more than welcome.
        I love to be linked up with somebody like you. *smile

      • I got tired and went to bed (feeble!) at 1.00 because it hadn’t even started. I recorded it and watched at 6.30 this morning. Not a lot of sleep last night but I often don’t need much- especially if the sun is shining. Beautiful morning here. Haven’t even had brekkie yet, but 3 cups of coffee! Bad, bad girl 😦 Working on my walk post for tomorrow and I get ‘carried away’. Have a lovely day, Vivi. Rumbly tum hug!

      • I knew I had read a comment from you somewhere … FOooOooound it!!!
        Today sunshine again, love it … yesterday it rained, but I think mother nature was very pleased over that … springtime needs rain.
        3 cups of coffee????? Were you flying through the rest of the day.
        Had friends over most of the day .. yesterday and after that I got carried away with planning a trip to Australia. Landed back on earth 2am, crashed and burned in bed. *laughing.
        Sunshine hug …

  4. Stupigly incompetent on line I guess I shall have to watch and learn for next year! An Australian of Estonian background: guess there would be something to say 🙂 ! Now I have counted on my fingers and toes and I get 27 into the Estonian alphabet!! OK, do you have ‘ü’, ‘õ’. ‘ä’ and ‘ö’ ? Feel stupid, as my paternal grandmother came from the Sigtuna roundabouts!!!!

    • You have a very interesting background – you can send postcards from two countries! *smile
      We have å, ä, ö – extra. so only one wrong – not bad. I thought we had 28 letters but when I google yesterday I was told 29 and it seems to be 29 because we have both v & w. Before that has been counted as one, because they pronounced the same way. Learn something new every day, in school it was 28 and it been 29 all the time. how confusing isn’t this. *smile

    • I love postcards ….. I love to pick them, write them and recieve them. Love to take part in my friends adventures. Just that they have given me a thought while being away, not the same as text.
      And I also keep the post offices going all over the world. *laughing

    • Frank, lovely to have you back … yes, the little stamp – very pleased with myself – but it’s an image google have provided me with – have only put the wording to it and put in a stamp frame.
      Like your swinging, Frank *smile

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