just have to break the news

Canon SX50VEH-digimage fr

My baby is on it’s way!!!!!!!!

When returning from Stockholm this evening I had to step over all the advertising leaflets inside my door and normally they just go straight to the recycling bin – but for some reason I sat down and looked at one of them and there it was – the pick of the week.

Canon Powershot SX50HS – a camera I have been looking at for a while – and the price was too good to let it go; 2990SEK/352$/212£/257€. So in 3 days’ time or the beginning of next week I will have my new baby to play with. I’m so excited – just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The camera is too big for my bags I normally use when being dressed formal, I think. So my little powerful Powershot SX100 will still be working.

So folks be prepered – because now there will be some serious photo going to be posted. Maybe with this the camera I have to read the manual. *smile

canon SX50 - ferra ru

“The camera basically is a license to explore.”
Jerry Uelsmann

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33 thoughts on “just have to break the news

    • Yes, Suzanne …. very NIIiIiiIiIIiiiiiiiIice!
      I saw a video on YouTube … and the guy with the camera stood on the street and could take clear shots of people on the top of Empire State. That will do me – just bring the beauty in our world closer to me. *smile

    • Otto, thank you so much ….. I have never bothered with reading a camera manual ever – this maybe I have to give some time. Cameras are so expensive here in Sweden – have compare prices and the price I got it for is a true barging. I promise to explore. *smile

    • Have a Canon SLR, – but I became so sick of always carry all lenses with me – it was like going on safari every time I took it with me.
      This is still light – 475gr – but a bit bigger than what I carry around today. If it can bring the moon to closer to me, I will be very pleased. *smile – Awesome lens.

    • You know me, Colleen … I’m not so fussed about all the modern cons – but if anything brings the moon closer to us – I’m all for it.
      Can’t wait to get my hands on it – this is my belated Christmas present to myself. The price is more than right.
      I suppose Canon is releasing a new one in 14 days time.

    • Yes, I will … it arrived today – going to the post office now. It’s going to be a playful weekend. And next time we two have a date – have to be soon – he will come along. Miss you!

    • I had a fantastic Olympus camera my first years over in UK, but I have always been impressed my Canon – so my first serious camera was a Canon, but I became feed up carry all the lenses with me – and it was eating film. Then I bought my little powershot (refurbished from Canon on Ebay) for nearly nothing and it has taken 17.000 shots, but it has started to play up a bit. So I will use it when the handbag is too small for my new baby. I’m so excited … bring it on. *smile

    • Yes, I’m so excited …. over this camera. And the lens is out of this world. I will be able to stand on my balcony and take photos on the spring flowers that is blooming in our backyard.
      They sold it for about €120 cheaper than other shops, but you know how it’s – after 14 days it’s already out of fashion and they have launched something even more exciting.

    • YEeEEeEs! Got the note this morning – that it will be at the post this afternoon. So it’s going to be a playful weekend, that superlens is going to get it’s run for the money.
      If I can take such a close up image of the moon .. I should be able to stand at Landskrona’s shore side and take photos on the little island Ven – that is only 4,5 kilometer away. So that is my mission for the weekend. *smile So excited.

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