dreaming big

I would love to walk the red carpet to one Academy Awards at  Hollywood’s Dolby Theater – and done for years. For no other reason than for just to have done it – to be able to wear that dream dress of mine; a Cinderella fantasy. I have never dreamed about a white wedding or any wedding for that matter – we can say that is my “little big girl” dream.

oscars - fdb pl

So why not dream about going to 86th Academy Award this year – 2nd of March. I love Ellen DeGeneres and she is going to be this year’s host. So I will be flying off today –  let’s start the dream.

Have looked at a very special red gown by Valentino for years now – but when I was looking at photos from the Oscars through the last years – red has been a very dominant color. So I have to leave that – and rethink. Purple was my next color of choice, but nothing that I found from Valentino or anyone else I would put my money against. Then I found this – the dress of my dreams of today, made by Mario Sierra. A Spanish designer born 1973 and working out of  Madrid.

mario sierra dress - modagid ruBut before I will be able to carry this dress – I would have to stay at least a month or two or three or four … at some famous SPA and lose about 40 kilos. I would go to Deauville in Normandy, France. Always wanted to stay at Hotel Normandy Barrière – there right on the beach. I will settle for a Deluxe Room with sea view, with breakfast = 575US$ per night.  Money is no issue right now.

Hotel Normandy Barriere, Deauville -francerevisted comErmitage_Beverly_Hills-eguideselect comIn Los Angeles I would stay at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel – in the Governors Suite, to the prize of US$ 1,078.65 / Night – no breakfast include and exclude tax and fees. 3 nights before the event and 3 nights for recovering after all the parties.

I would choice Sally Hershberger as my hairdresser, the woman behind Meg Ryan’s fantastic hairstyles and of course my make up will be done by Patti Dubroff.

My accessories would be; grey patent sandals and clutch bag from LK Bennett, London. 18K Rose Gold Amethyst, Diamond Drop Earrings from Brazilian designer Vianna Jóias and Tag Heuer‘s Link Lady Diamond Star Watch, no rings. 

And as my finale accessory …. I would go for George Clooney. Sorry, girls!!!!

george clooney - policymic comAs I said money is no issue for the moment …. I couldn’t say what the this extravagance would cost me, for sure my bank accounts wouldn’t be able to cover – and of course I have to fly First Class and I will chose SAS Airlines of course, with change in San Francisco – that ticket would come to 5435 US$ only.

Thanks for sharing the dream with me … and I’m already looking forward to 2015’s Oscar. Next year I think I will have Chris Noth (Mr Big) on my arm. Wonder his wife, Tara Lynn, will say about that???!!! Or Michael Douglas, he seems to available.

Would I be happier after this adventure – who knows, but I would love to find out .. and one thing for sure to spend 8 hours and more beside George would fill up my RAM!!!!!

Thank God, that dreams doesn’t cost anything .. and that there is no tax on them of yet. Next year – same time – same place, more dreaming.

“Live every day like its your last,
dream big and don’t take life to seriously.”

Photos provide by and thanks to:
fdb.pl/modagid.ru/ francerevisted.com/eguideselect.com
Gallery 1; luxist.com/pattidubroff.com
Gallery 2; dressipi.com/watchalyzer.com/jewelista.com


34 thoughts on “dreaming big

  1. I’m with you on this, Viveka. Once I tried on an extremely expensive strapless gown at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY. It was all flowing fabric and lovely lines. I never felt more female then in that dress. Where I would wear it I have no idea, but it was an experience I always remembered. Let me know if George called, although he’s not much on relationships from what I read.

    • How nice of you to visit!!! Long time no see .. and I know the same goes for me.
      George is nominated for a couple of Oscars (I think) and it i’s me that will be calling him. Only for a few couple of hours with him … Yummy. *smile – I don’t really care if he is FREE or not. I hope he answers his phone. *smile
      Yes, wouldn’t be wonderful that for one evening be able to wear that special dress or like you just be allowed to try it on.

      • Viveka, it has been a while. I’m still plugging away, but haven’t had the free time to be a diligent reader. I’m going to do better. Ah yes, well I hope all things go with with George. Definitely eye candy.

      • Yes, proper eye candy … I haven’t been around to your place neither … glad you visit .. and I will try to become a lot better too. *smile

    • I did the post a couple of weeks ago when I had a sore day … and I really enjoyed it.
      I’m sure I would have a fantastic evening/night – but some dreams is best staying as they are; dreams.

  2. This is wonderful, I love every part of it! Such a well thought out Oscars plan! The dress is absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly designed, such a gorgeous colour. Ah, to have all the money in the world! I think it’s wonderful to dream… good on you Viveka. I wish it could actually happen… if I had the extra cash I’d treat you to the whole lot! xx

    • Laura, thank you so much – can you image what we could do if we had all the money in the world – do for others too. Bill Gates is one of my heroes. He has all the money in the world and he is helping those that truly need help. This is just a silly dream, but I had fun I was playing around with it.

      • True, I deeply admire those who use their money for the good of others. It’s something that I aspire to if I’m ever blessed with money! And dreaming is never silly, I think it makes life more interesting!

      • I totally agree with everything you say here …. dreams make life interesting, how boring it would be if we didn’t daydream.
        When are you coming to Malmoe????

  3. Vivi, you would knock em dead in that outfit. Nobody would even notice Clooney! 🙂 You have fine taste, girl. (a little too expensive for me, but then I’m not footing the bill). I’m there in the audience, applauding like crazy!

    • Mr Clooney or not – it was nice to do the dreaming – I did the post a day when my butt was truly on fire – it helped me thinking on something else. I loved doing it and money was no issue when dreaming.
      Should I practice on a speech ????? No, I’m not after an Oscar … only after the evening. *smile
      I invite you back to my hotel room …. After the Vanity Fair party.
      Why not a sleep over *smile

  4. Just a great post Vivi! Love the dress for a grand entrance. I watched The Oscars last night and only to see the clothes as I came SO close to a career in Fashion Design I am still addicted after all these years!

    • I watched the Oscars the whole way through on Danish TV – because the channel that sent in Sweden, i don’t have. I didn’t think the dresses has that exciting really.
      Charlize Theron,s black dress and Cate Blanchet’s dress my favorites and matthew mcconaughey’s wife’s pink dress was stunning. Pink’s red dress was beautiful.
      Very boring dresses in overall – no head turner like mine. I personal think the dresses was a lot more glam on the Golden Globe award.
      Why didn’t your career take off …

      • My dad sent my fashions to 3 designers in NY. I was hired by Anne Klein in 1973 to become her apprentice. I was a JR in HS and took my drawings up to NY every couple of weekends for her to critique. I would stay with her and it was going to be my fairy tale come true. She said I had great talent. Well my entire Sr year I just fucked off and just sketched and went to NYC as I had my life all planned. She was actually going to let me live in her apartment and learn. She was very kind. WELL…….she suddenly died right before I graduated HS…. sigh. Her husband was unsure what to do and certainly could not take on an un-experienced novice to propel her company. Eventually guess who they hired???
        Donna Karan. Yep. Thats my story.

      • Wow, thanks for telling me your story – you had a good thing going there. I didn’t that Anne Klein was dead. You must have an amazing talent – so why not use it today????? Maybe you should design my next Oscar gown. *smile

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