a man worth every penny

MB - hearts I have seen quite a few of our Mega stars through the years; Tina Turner, Julio Iglesias, Celine Dion, Tom Jones, Chris de Burgh, Elton John, Kiri Te Kanawa, Phil Collins, ABBA, Il Divo, Josh Groban, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Pavarotti.

But only Michael Jackson beats the artist I spend yesterday evening with, Michael Bublé. Michael was the best ever spent money for a very long time …. he are just the full package as artist.

He had a nearly full Ericsson Globe Arena going and swinging for none stop 2,5 hours. Everything he offered from opening band – décor, stage … band, interaction with the audience and choice of songs he performed was just magical.

He sang songs from Beatles, Bee Gee’s, Elton John – ballads and of course his big hits. After a fantastic performance from “Naturally 7” – Michael took stage only 4 mins late. And he gave us just want we wanted and more – he didn’t leave stage for 2 hours; funny, relaxed and very professional.

It’s many years since I saw Michael at Madison Sq Garden, 2000. To compare the young Rat Pack singer from then to the artist he is today – is like night and day. He was only 25 then.  The show he offered in Stockholm was generouly great.

And when Canada had beaten Sweden in OS ice hockey finale some hours earlier – and as the mad ice hockey supporter Michael are, he just had to rub a bit more into our wounds.

Also he used two stages – one in back of main arena floor too – there he could really interact with the audience. On that stage he did a couple of numbers together with Naturally 7.

And the arena was swaying. He introduced the band as “Team Buble” – a fantastic bunch of musicians – and he also used a string section of 12 Swedish ladies, that he hadn’t even rehearsed with.

When he did “Cry Me a River” and “Feeling Good” I moved to another planet – MB planet. “Cry Me a River” is my absolutely favorite of all his hits. On stage he does it so much more powerful, got goose bumps even between my toes.

During his performance of Beatles “All We Need is Love” it seemed the whole ceiling opened up of the Globe and heart shaped confetti was falling over us, millions and millions. Back at the hotel I emptied bag and jacket from the hearts – they nearly filled my room’s waste bin.

There were fireworks on the main stage too – but I didn’t manage to capture any of them, for the finale one I had no battery left in the camera. Had a great seat – row 3 and seat 22 – nearly just in front of the stage, but it was difficult to take great photos, because he was constantly moving around.

And when he in his finale song – Your Song – he stripped himself of both mic and ear piece … and sang even more powerful. What a fantastic finish of a magical evening – Michael Bublé magic.  MB - your song - x

He sang, he had a blast, he made sex jokes and we loved it all. Michael was shamelessly entertaining at the Globe. The curtain goes down, a hopeless romantic and utterly natural showman say goodbye to Stockholm.

He has even a bigger place in my muscial heart today … and I have plenty of his. ‘

“I`ve been singing this crap since I was 16!
Michael Bublé

MB hearts

38 thoughts on “a man worth every penny

  1. He sells out every time here in Vancouver to the point where they have to make a second show date just to fit it all in, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with the his uncle as well who shares his same name 🙂

    • There was some few seats empty last night – I missed him last year when he was here or I was doing something else. It’s French surname, but he comes from BC if I’m not totally wrong.
      And I was so sure we was going to beat you in ice hockey yesterday, but it’s what it’s.
      Congratulations to the gold.

      • Yep! BC, he’s a proud Vancouverite 🙂 ya, the game was REALLY intense, almost as intense as the way women’s hockey bounced back from two nothing wow!

      • Just now on a sports bar in Stockholm, next to my hotel … and some of the screens are going to show the match just now. Maybe I stay to the end . *smile
        Canada did very good in the OS!!!!

    • I saw Beatles in 1963 and they were nearly unknown to me – saw them in Gothenburg .. there was a little screaming in the end of the concert. I was one of them.
      ABBA was more like sing along …

  2. Wow! You really had a blast 😀
    Excellent post – I feel like I’ve been sitting right next to you during the Michael Bublé evening 😉
    I wish I hadn’t forgotten to book tickets for his concert when he was in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Well, some other time…
    Many hugs and have a wonderful evening xo 🙂

    • I’m glad I got around to see him this year – had plans for last year, but something came in the way.
      Thank you so much for your nice comment, Dia.
      He was fantastic alive and he wasn’t that expensive neither. Glad you enjoyed my post.

  3. Oh how fun and exciting! I love MB. I never saw him live, but I have a live version of his show on video. He is a great entertainer and even better singer. Getting goose bumps just listening to the track on your blog. So excited for you.

  4. My absolute favourite track of his, too, Vivi! I hadn’t checked for posts from you yet and there you were in my Inbox, like a present 🙂 Amazed at how many amazing shots you captured! What an evening! What a man! If he wasn’t fairly recently married, I think I’d pick him over Clooney. I’d have permanent goosebumps!
    Huge big hug and sorry about the ass, hon.

    • I took loads of shots that came out crappy – the best I have posted here. I was lucky … but I had a great seat, with my new camera can I be in the arena next door and still take great photos. It has a killer lens. *smile
      He was constantly moving around and on some of them he had such bad faces.
      The poor man just got a baby son … so I would leaving him where he really should be, at home with his beautiful wife and little boy. But he said that the tour will be like a great payed vacation for him as a dad.
      Mild evening hug … *smile

    • Yes, you should with all right be jealous, he was world class and he gave a brilliant relaxed show. Hope he comes back soon again, he was here last year and I missed him for some reason.

      • No, I will go and see Cirque du Soleil in LAS, I can see a different show every night. *smile – but my friend will not be able to enjoy it with her bad sight, so I will go one evening. They don’t have any shows during days. I’m mad about them too. *smile

      • For day shows you must go to Branson, Missouri! But no gambling there. My son was just in L V for a conference. They went to see Pen & Teller. Loved them. You will have a grand time.

      • Not a gambling person, have to check out Pen & Teller, never heard about.
        Would love to see Terry Fator and his puppets … he are just marvelous, but my friend would be able to see what is going on stage. Cirq does day shows at Royal Albert Hall in London, but I have already seen the show they show this year.

    • I checked his tour list for you … not close to where you live this time. Closest NYC in July, Madison Sq Grd.
      He are touring before that in Canada.
      I promise you will not be disappointed in spend money on seeing him alive. I was blown away.

    • You should be jealous – he truly is the full entertainment package. And he had so much fun himself. My old little powershot that took the photos, did a great job.

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