travel theme: winter

This is the first time I enter “Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme” – and I do with photos I took in January this year – as I was waiting for the train, to travel for my quarterly cancer check up, at Landskrona Station.

Landskrona is my hometown and it’s situated 50 min by train from Copenhagen Airport, my airport … and in the Southern part of Sweden.

This is what I call an apricot morning – it was just after 8am and it was -16C/3F – a very frosty start on my day. And my little powerful camera loved everything I put it against, as you can see.

Personally I just LOVE our winter when it has mornings like this. *smile

frosty morning 3frosty morning 4frosty mornings 1frosty morning 6frosy morning 5

“Nothing burns like the cold.”
George R.R. Martin

44 thoughts on “travel theme: winter

  1. Beautiful photographs. This is the kind of winter I like. Today the temperature is close to 0 degrees celsius and everything is starting to melt. Freezing rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Yuck!

    • Yes, I totally agree with – this is winter at it’s best … crispy and clear. Everything I put the camera against my camera loved.
      Freezing rain, not really my thing … I hate it. We had snow for 24 hrs a couple of weeks ago – but they say it’s a better chance for golf this Christmas than skiing over here. I want snow for Christmas and I still hope for it.

  2. Lovely, Viveka! This is what I like too .Now I would very much want it for this Christmas…The forecast says + 6 degrees C and rain. Your delicious photos makes me really long for the Real Winter…

    • I know …. please, give us some snow for Christmas .. so tired of this grey, wet and dull days now … gone on for too long.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – have published them before … with another track, but they belong to my favorites. I wish you a great weekend.

    • I totally agree with you – the cold and the crispiness … under the warm boots – it was the best winter morning I had for a long time. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thank you so much …. I think Vivaldi was given for this theme, even if I used an other track when I published the photos the first time.
      I like that photo too – and so did many others … my personal favorite it the railway tracks.

  3. “An apricot morning”…. what a beautiful expression, I haven’t heard this before. Your winter photographs hit me, dear Viveka,…. Thank you dear, have a nice evening and weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment … it’s an expression I came up with when checking … my photos from that morning. Because they all had an apricot light.
      Nia, I wish you the same .. see you next week. *smile

  4. A really great post – including utterly appropriate music! Well done! Summer with its heat and bugs pales beside the beauty and healing powers of winter.

    • Thank you so much …. the music was given – even if I tried not to use it … when I published the photos the first time – I used a track called “Winter Waltz” – so beautiful.
      I love all season when they are the way they are suppose to be. But just now we have something in between. Please, give us some snow.

    • Thanks, Stephen …. up in the North you have it like this just now – but in the here in the South .. we are more likely golfing than skiing. The Ice Hotel should be on your bucket list … always snow and cold … and very dark. *smile

    • Thank you, Maralee – I’m not doing that great, but I had a good day today … and I took the chance to spend it online. *smile – It has been a very sore 2 weeks now, but it’s what it’s … life has to go on and I have to try to live with it, but it’s so hard.

    • Bebs, thank you so much for your lovely comment – yes, my little camera sometimes just enjoy working, not all the time, but it has it moments. And a morning like this .. there was only beauty all around me.

  5. Two posts I see (plus the wild side one 🙂 so you must have been able to sit a little while. When you’re fully fit, Vivi, there’ll be no keeping up with you!
    Beautiful soft apricot- so lovely in photos 🙂 You know me, Vivi- I live for warmth. But if you were sharing the walk I guess I’d have to find a warm coat. And a hug!

    • Yes, but the posts didn’t require a lot of time sitting down. Quick … to make.
      About my day at ARKEN a total different matter, took me hours.
      It’s spring in the air over here … saw yesterday that we had only -5 up by the Polar Circle and Madrid had -3. Everything is upside down.

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  7. I’m still here, reading your last post about -5 temps and everything “upside down”. My last 2 weeks have been unnerving – physical collapse, hospital, tests, learning new words and limitations. These are things you know about so I think of you as I make my way thru it all, wondering who I’ll turn into. I tell myself to expect the unexpected, keep meditating, and keep in touch with all those in my life. That includes you. Never meeting you in person doesn’t matter. In fact it may be an advantage. So thank you for your presence and your example. And for the lovely, gentle holiday greeting. Your gentleness is the quality that informs all your special qualities into the specialness of Viveka. Bless you!

    • Thank you so much for you kind words. So sorry to read that you had a tough time lately – hopefully had Christmas given you a chance to relax and recover.
      I know how it’s to not feeling the best and not being myselg – I think that is the worst bit of not being healhty – have to deal with a person we becomes and don’t really like. Please, get well soon. wish you only the best for 2014

      • It’s so nice to share this difficulty with a sister.Having computer issues so will see if this sends. If so I’ll recreate one I sent you yesterday.

      • Mary, computer issues is very frustrating. Somebody has said that a clean house those days means IT problems. Hope you will get it sorted soon.

      • Thanks so much for understanding! Everyone needs a “sister” like you when things don’t go well. I did throw caution to the winds and drove the 6 hours to my daughter in Indianapolis. Lovely city, all decorated for holidays! We are having great time and good food – yesterday we ate vietnamese. This really lifts my spirits!
        Thinking about you and including you in my meditations. Hugs and peace, Mary

      • Mary, great food and company is the best medicine on earth. *smile Just to get away for a couple of days from home makes wonders at time.
        I don’t think I ever had Vietnamese food. Is it very different to Chinese or Thai ????
        I wish you a fantastic ending of 2013 with a gentle start of 2014.

      • Vietnamese differs a lot from Chinese: major food is big bowls of rice noodles, bean sprouts, greens, hot sauces & others, plus some meat or fish. All mixed together by the diner herself. It has either with a soupy base or not. Lots of other mixes, too, attractive with many flavors, all without the heaviness of Chinese food. Best eaten with chopsticks. Also ate Italian at our favorite place where sauces are “to die for”.

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  10. Cold. But beautiful. The coldest I’ve experienced was about 27f. Can not imagine trying to photograph anything at 3 degrees f. But you did a great job.

    • -27F – that is ColdCOLD!!!!! Not even when I was in Antarctic it was that cold. But I was up in Northern Sweden many years ago when my partner was winter testing cars – in Gällivare, and it was -31C/-23.8F – that was cold, but in those days I didn’t have a camera in my pocket where ever I went. Yes, it was a gorgeous morning and my camera love everything I put it against, but of course it was all down to my state of mind that frosty morning.
      A Happy New Year to you .. and thanks for the visit.

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