music to my ears and eyes !!!!

For me have music the same importance as the tab water has – can’t think clear if there isn’t my music around me.

Music comes to me at all times – and it jumps from classical, jazz, disco … big band to pop. Need a mixture of everything – can’t just listen only to classic music or pop, there has to be a balance. Don’t have a Ipod, but I use Itune everyday – first of all to play my music .. or look for tracks or burn CD’s that I force on to everybody around me. I like tracks that not every radio station is playing tired there and then.

A lot of my music comes to me through  movie soundtracks over the TV – even if I don’t watch a lot of TV. One Tuesday evening did I watched an old “Castle” episode – where he and Beckett ended up an a burlesque club and there a girl was strip dancing to a fantastic track – FEVER … a remix. Knew straight away that it will be the track that I will pester my neighbors with for a couple of weeks.

So on to Youtube .. and there was the part from the episode and also they gave me the name of the music track; FEVER –  (Adam Freeland & Sarah Vaughan Remix) – then it was only to buy from Itune. Brilliant track for disco dancing on my living room floor and do the Zumba to. Don’t need any special steps to dance – just to let the hair down and DISAPPEAR into the rhythm!!!!!

What I understand it was also used in “The Adjustment Bureau” – miss that completely, witch soundtrack are written and put together by Hans Zimmer, my favorite Hollywood composer. First time I noticed his music – was in “BLACK RAIN” – with Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia – 1989, still one of my favorite films. He also done the music to “Rain Man” the year before, witch occurred his career – think I have to do a post about him and his movie masterpieces.

So here I give it to you … “FEVER”

By the way …. Richard Castle/Nathan Fillion – is a rather handsome man.

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11 thoughts on “music to my ears and eyes !!!!

    • I know … my poor neighbors. Going to send out my X-mas release of my music to my blogging sisters and brothers, so I will ask for your email address and address later, will that be okay. My music will take over the world. *laughter

    • No … Casle is the first meeting I had with hime … I have to check up “Firefly” – Trevor Jones wrote the music if I’m not totally wrong to your favorite soundtrack.

    • Checked the “Firefly” out … not into SF so that is why I missed him. He was young then, but still rather handsome. Thanks for the tip.

  1. Great sound, Viveka. And yes, I remember Nathan Fillion back from One Life to Live (American soap opera), and then he was in the TV show Firefly and onto the movie Serenity. Yes, he is definitely one nice looking man.

    • I can’t remember him .. in any TV series – Castle is my first date with him – and he are rather handsome. Glad you like my disco tune. Playing it none stop … poor mum. Visiting her just now.

  2. I can’t spend a day without music. I could write the most romantic poem even if I’m loveless, just by listening to my favorite love songs. That’s why I really can relate to where your coming from. And your selection is really good, Viveka 😊

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