mix and match … from landskrona and sjöbo

Was invited over to friends who lives in Sjöbo over Sunday and Monday – and I had to leave around 8 a’clock on Sunday morning – so I wouldn’t be with them too late in day. That early on Sundays no buses have started on my route so I had to walk down to the City Hall Square to catch an other bus, only 10 min’s walk. So I toke the little camera in the hand .. and I kept with me the whole two days. Here is my catches through the days – we had sunny weather every day. Not in in a given order – just a composition and here I haven’t done anything to the photo’s.

“Forget Me Not” is one of my favorite wild flowers – together with “Lily of the Valley”, not blooming yet over here – but I guess in a weeks to 10 days the ground with be covered with them. “Lily of the Valley” is the only wild flower I pick, mostly because of it’s smell and because it last so long in a vase. Both of them are very delicate flowers .. a bit like me *laughter.

Sunday morning there was nobody around just before 08.00pm – totally alone walking the pedestrian area up to City Hall – not a sound, except from the birds that was sing very load and happy … not even a car. An amazing feeling – just like being alone with my thoughts and the camera.  Only me and Bus 3’s driver.

Our famous rapeseed fields are in full bloom and it’s stunning – the color is so sharp in the sunshine it nearly  aperture – and it blooms very early this year – last year it was very late and over so quick, didn’t really have time to enjoy it then. Now is Skåne at it’s best – with the apple blossom and the rapeseed. 
Yesterday when I was up at the hospital for my – rinse out – and passed the park with the pond and the swan couple, I could see 4 chicks – one swimming and 3 up on land. Of course I didn’t have the camera with me, so I have to go back before my Zumba dance on Wednesday and hopefully i will be able to catch them then. They are so adorable. So I will wait and post this until after the Zumba.
Great new from Mr. & Mrs Swan – they got 6 adorable chicks – more photos will come during the weekend.

And who is “Uarda”  ???? It’s a Lund’s student horseplay in the ancient Egyptian setting, from 1908,and in the play,  “Uarda” is daughter of Pharaoh. Have never seen it – but it’s suppose to be very funny!

“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

36 thoughts on “mix and match … from landskrona and sjöbo

  1. Walking definitely has plus sides – just look at all that beauty you got to capture 😀
    And exercise of course 🙂
    Though I am a bigger fan of the first reason – your forget me not pics are stunning!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Love walking .. always done – but today with the problems I have with my numb feet after the chemo – it’s becoming a problem and painful problem. Still I try to walk so much as I manage. Yes, I love the pictures of “forget me not”.

  2. Beautiful post and pictures, Viveka. I love the picture of those rapeseed fields. All in all, the selection of pictures is wonderful! 😉

  3. I love the pictures…especially the forget-me-nots, the swans and those beautiful plants on the sculpture (?)…I would love to see what that looks like from farther away. Gorgeous area you live in!

    • Will post the distance shot of the that flower holder next time, think I have one. Yes, Skåne is a stunning county – specially now with all the rapeseed fields. Thank you so much.

    • Bliss, checked my memory card, but I have deleted the distance photo – will take on for your next week, very beautiful arrangement.

    • Yes, it was beautiful days … and this is the best time of the year for me, personal- We are spoiled with flowers in our cities over here. Is the spring later then normal over there. ????

  4. What great photos… All of them. Those sweet baby swan! and I loved the train tracks.. On my way out of Germany for a long weekend in somerset. First time in the western part of England.

    • Wendy, you will love it … Love that part of UK and Devon ..Cornwall, one of the best holidays I had in UK. Can’t wait to see your photos. Enjoy and I hope you will get great weather. See you next week.

    • Terry, thank you so much … wish I could make my mind up if I want a bigger camera again or not – don’t want to carry all the different lenses anymore, did that for years, but my little one does pretty good job, but I can’t come close enough on flowers – macro isn’t the greatest.

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