with a big bang …. evil … pure evil knocked on our door last evening.

… we don’t have to worry about terror action and bombs when traveling abroad, last evening it happened on my doorstep … my entrance!!!

Violence, reality, and evil are walking beside us, doesn’t matter where we are … or live anymore.  01.00am …. a bomb was detonated in my entrance … 8 families as the target … some with small children. Me one of them.

We are so lucky … that nobody got hurt, but massive material damages to our building and the apartment building opposite.

I’m so mad and angry …. why?????!!!

Why???? Little Landskrona with 35.000 people …

Was I the target???? Or was it the families on the first floor with small children that has their homes blow out???? Was it just for fun ….????!!!! I want to know why????!!!!

My neighbors are in server shock … they have once escaped war and bombs in their own home country … they get a sanctuary in Landskrona and,.. then the same thing happens to them again.

I’m okay … and only a couple of pictures and paintings has fallen off the walls, no other damage to my home.

If the bomb had been placed inside the entrance… I would be able to sit by my PC just now. 

Outside the house is it full action with getting plywood up to cover all the broken windows … the street has been cleared from glass and metal rubbish … there are people helping tents with getting all glass of the floors. Everybody is really to make things so comfortable as possible for everyone. Just amazing the job that is going on just now outside the buildings and inside. Fantastic!!!!

“Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.”


40 thoughts on “with a big bang …. evil … pure evil knocked on our door last evening.

  1. Glad to hear that you are safe Wivi but I suspect you will be deeply shocked at what has happened in your home. We don’t expect this kind of thing to happen in our small communities.

    • Trudi, so surreal … our street looked like a war zone this morning … they are doing a fantastic job both inside buildings and on the street. Some has been given hotel rooms. We had quite a few bombs in Landskrona through the years … but it has been cars. restaurants and shops that have been the targets. Not an apartment building. We are all alive and the shock will settle.

    • Loisa, had to take a sleeping pill … to be able to get some sleep this morning. The families with the most damage homes are away … thank god. Our lift looks like somebody has used a machine gun at it. We are all in pain and shock. I lost my mojo completely.

  2. I can’t “like” this Viveka. What horror man inflicts on man. And I cannot fathom a reason for such hate and ignorance. I’m so very sorry you and your neighbors are dealing with this.

    • Colleen, it’s pure evil … and they have now confirmed that bomb was filled with metal bits – made to kill and injury. We are all so happy over that nobody has been injured and the material damages can be fixed, even if it can take a while.

      • Oh Wivi ! I cannot understand such hatred and wickedry. I think the majority of the world is continually shocked because we canNOT fathom this at all. I’m very happy to hear none of you were physically harmed. But the evilness of it…. Did I read that they caught two men?

      • Yes, the police have caught 2 young men that were speeding and their car flipped over not far from our house … they run away from the accident just after the “big bang”. Police dogs got them. But they are too injured from the accident for the police to talk to them … but they were not injured enough for run away from the police????!!! The police said on the news last evening that they are very confident that they will find the guilty, but they didn’t want to say too much.
        I totally with you, to hate to take so much time and energy from us. But where does all the hate comes from? The society???!!! But that is all of us!!!!

      • I don’t know Wivi. I hae no answers. I can’t understand another person’s hate to even come up with coherent questions.

        There is more love than there is hate….but hate sure makes a horrific noise. Please keep us updated on what happens. I don’t understand them not being in condition to be questioned if they were able to run!

      • Colleen, I don’t think any of us with common sense and good values will understand why people do things like this. There is no excuse for a thing like this, but … it’s what it is. And we are alive and unhurt.
        The shock and the fear will fade away .. and a new year is just around the corner.
        Even if it’s them how did it .. the punishment will be nothing, somebody has to die before it’s even becoming serious enough. 2 years maximum if even that. Happy New Year to you and your lovely bunch!!!

      • Thank you Viveka. Happy New Year to you and all of your neighbors. May you all find comfort in the people who came to your aide and tried to help you through all of this madness.

      • A hearty thank you … Colleen, for your lovely comment. I’m sure that when everything is fixed and repaired around us … we will have forgotten, but not forgiven.

  3. I too was horrified to read this. I am so glad neither you nor anyone else was hurt. I hope nothing will happen again. So very unusual in a small town. Wishing you a better New Year.

    • Jo, I don’t really understood what had happened until this morning when I was the damage to our street and houses – and when I saw the damage to our lift – like a machine gun had been used at it. The bomb was filled with small metal bits, made to injury or kill. I feel a bit better now, but still not in a mood for New Year celebration … but I will come around. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Happy New Year to you and the rest of us.

    • Sue, so surreal – our peaceful street looked like a war zone this morning … such an evil act! The bomb was filled with metal bits … that has gone nearly through our lift door. The deadly act. We are all in shock, but happy over that nobody was injured.

    • Thanks, Maureen …. the have 2 guys be they haven’t been talked to yet, because they are server injured from a car crash not far from our street. But they were not injured when they run away from the car … and the police dogs had to find them???? I wish of all my heart that they are the guilty ones. The police are very confident in finding the guilty ones.

  4. OMG…I’m so thankful you are okay! What a horrifying even to have been in. I’m equally as glad that no one got hurt or badly injured. My heart and prayers are going out to you and your neighbors. Blessings and energy going out to all of you.

    • Cee, we all is the same … we can’t believe how lucky we was. Not one person was injured. If the bomb had been inside the entrance door … I wouldn’t be sitting in front of my PC! Neighbours have left their homes for hotels. Thank you so much for your concern.

  5. Oh Viveka – this is so horrible! Poor people, your neighbours, who left terror and war and then got into this…in little Landskrona. So glad you are OK, Vivi, and all the others too. But the shock will stay for a while – hope for a better New Year to come. Hugs to you ♥

    • A-C, it happens all the time in Sweden now … especially in Malmö … it is so upsetting to read and hear about it, but when it happens to yourself the ballgame changes quickly. Woke up in a war zone this morning … couldn’t really grasp the massive damage that has been done, when looking out my window during the night. To be honest I don’t care for New Year. I’m lost my mojo.
      I love your hugs.

  6. Dear Viveka, I’m so glad nobody was hurt. Who would do such a terrible thing. I do hope you all get over the shock quickly and the people who did this are caught. Take care, love and hugs

    • Mrs. Jones … last evening before I went to bed I took my coat on and went out on our street and had a look at all the windows that had been covered and our entrance that have a wooden door, like on a barn. *smile … I sat down on a bench and started to cry like a baby. I cried over what our every day has come to. The best thing I have done, because I got a really good nights sleep .. and I have now opened my suitcase after my Tbilisi trip and started to unpack. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  7. Dear Wivi,
    this is horrible! That’s really scary!
    I’m so glad to read that neither you nor your neighbors got hurt!
    Do you or the police know who did it and why?
    How do you feel?
    Keeping my fingers crossed that this is a “once in a lifetime” thing that won’t be repeated anywhere.
    Many hugs and lots of love. Take care!
    xoxo 🙂

    • Dia, thank you so much … it’s terribly scary that somebody was trying to hurt us so badly, even kill us. The police have caught 2 guys, but they are badly injured in a car accident and they haven’t been talked to. They were not injured when they ran away the flipped over car and the police. Police dogs got them. There has been quite a few car bombs and bombs against restaurants and shops through the years, but never has a residential been target and not this big bomb.
      It happens everywhere in Sweden … nearly every day in the main cities, but .. in Landskrona against families???!!! The police have said that the 2 they have caught are well known to them. Thank you for your support. Lots … back!

  8. I was at the airport when I saw this on Facebook and couldn’t read this post or understand why it had happened. Mick says there is a lot of militant action in Sweden right now but who are the targets? It makes no sense. So sorry hon xx

    • It’s not so much militant action … it’s more down to gang wars???!!! But my neighbours has lived here in 20 years and more … they are no gang members, to old for that nonsense. But it can be somebody that is upset about somebody their kids are friends with. There is no logic in this kind of evil and action. I’m sorry too … last night I went out on the street and looked around … I sat down on a bench and started to cry. I cried over what our world has come to. Had a really night sleep after this and today I will unpack my suitcase and water my plants. Life goes on.

      • It has to! Just back from your Christmas adventure? A nice time spoilt. We came back to the Algarve last night. Cities are only good in small doses and UK roads completely insane. Lovely to see the kids though. Sending hugs darlin 🍸☺🍰💕

  9. This is absolutely horrible, to be attacked at home and not know why. And also to be attached this time of the year too when so many people are enjoying themselves, and I’m sure the children were all happily spending time with their parents. The first few photos do show quite a bit of damage done. Good that the building is standing strong against the people who decided to do something unjust.

    Glad everyone is okay and lovely to see everyone helping each other out. Things like these you don’t ever see coming, and you don’t really think they can happen to you. Take care and stay safe.

    • To be attacked at your home is a horrible feeling, because home is were you should be safe and that feeling is now gone. Sure it will come back. So glad that the families on the ground floor wasn’t at home. Our building is from the last 60’s with extremely thick walls. The damage was more to the house on the other side of the street than ours … the shock waves. If the bomb had been inside the entrance door .. I wouldn’t be writing this.
      Thank you, Mabel for your kind comment and thoughts.

      • It really is too close for comfort…again, very glad that you and everyone else in your building are okay. Hope that whoever is behind this get caught. Hugs across the miles to you, Vivi ❤

      • Thanks for the hug … love hugs. A wall has moved a bit. And there is some damage inside the flats just above the explosion, but not very big ones.

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