it’s tough to be a tour leader …. (the last hours).

Monday and it was time for Suzanne to return to the UK and because she needed to catch the 14.12 train for Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen … it takes 62 min by train, I could plan any bigger adventures … but I think I save the best to last: coffee and chocolate.

A visit to the little chocolate factory … that has won so many awards for their pralines and ZOÉGA’s coffee shop … ZOÉGA’s is the best coffee in the world in my book and it’s roasted in Helsingborg. It’s very difficult to visit the roasting plant, but their old coffee shop is there. You can now buy their coffee online in both the US and UK.

We met up at noon … and we started off by attacking the chocolate factory, the smallest in the world … “Chocolatte, the little chocolate factory”  (website in Swedish…  but you can look at their chocolate). Beautiful shop and products. I spent a small fortune on a little gift pack for Suzanne to bring with her home to share with her husband Bob.

2015 World finale in London
Saltcamarel with liquorice – gold
Virgin mojito – silver

2016 – World finale in London
Milk chocolate 50% with roasted rapeseed and salt -bronze
Caramel cream with browned butter – bronze

2018 Scandinavian part competition
Cinnamon / Walnut – Gold
Tonka / Pistachio – gold
Basilica / Raspberry – Silver
Liquoricefudge – bronze

The finale will be held this year in November, Florence

I also bought “Princess cake” pralines for us to enjoy across the road at Zoegas coffee shop. “Princess Cake” is a very special cake, very Swedish and so GoOOood (none calories)!!! Probably the best cake in the world!!! To die for.


A princess cake (prinsesstårta in Swedish) is a traditional Swedish layer cake or torte consisting of alternating layers of airy sponge cake, jam (typically raspberry jam), pastry cream, and a thick-domed layer of whipped cream. This is topped by marzipan, giving the cake a smooth rounded top. The marzipan overlay is usually green, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and often decorated with a pink marzipan rose.

The original recipe first appeared in the 1948 Prinsessornas Kokbok (cookbook), which was published by a teacher of the three daughters of Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland. The cake was originally called grön tårta (green cake), but was given the name prinsesstårta or “princess cake” because the princesses were said to have been especially fond of the cake. The princesses were Princess Margaretha (1899–1977; later Princess of Denmark), Princess Märtha (1901–1954; later Crown Princess of Norway), and Princess Astrid (1905–1935; later Queen of the Belgians). The cake is widely featured in Tom McNeal’s book “Far Far Away”. (text:

And it has been a challenge in the TV program “The Great British Bake Off”. “Chocolatte” have managed to get everything off the cake into a small praline. Just amazing.

ZOÉGA’s Coffee (website in Swedish)!!! Now owned by Nestle since 1986. For many years the coffee was only available in Skåne (Scania), but today in addition to the homes, ZOÉGAS is located in restaurants, businesses, cafes and shops.


For over 125 years, ZOÉGAS has provided Swedish coffee lovers with dark-cropped quality coffee. When Carlos Zoéga founded ZOÉGAS in 1881 he chose to specialize in dark coffee. He enjoyed a passionate relationship with good coffee, a passion that drives us today, which results in over 60% of all dark-cropped coffee sold in Sweden coming from ZOÉGAS. He had his first shop here in Landskrona. 

ZOÉGA’s Sustainability Initiative in East Africa, Coffee By Women, has since 2011 created better opportunities for coffee growers and better knowledge of how the coffee is grown in a sustainable way. ZOÉGA’s aim at least 30 per cent of the coffee farmers educated in their own sustainability projects to be women. Therefore, they call their sustainability initiative for just “Coffee by Women”.

In the ZOÉGAS store, coffee has been sold since the building was built in 1901. In the past, the small company had the roastery in the basement and test room, office and shop in the street level. In the floors above, the Zoega family lived. The coffee wheels in the shop windows have been spinning since 1931. The interior is largely untouched since then. Address Drottinggatan 30, Helsingborg.

At the table next to other was a mixed party with guests from the USA, Sweden and Canada … and every time they visit Helsingborg they enjoy some time with ZOÉGA’s.

And there was a couple from Denmark buying 3 kilos of coffee beans, the shop assistant told us that they are regular customers and that they have many regular customers from the other side of the Sund.

Suzanne bought 500 gr whole beans of the most popular blend “Skånerost” to bring with her home. The blend is 100 years old this year. “Skånerost” is an original blend from 1918.


Another popular blend is “Mollbergs Blanding. Mollbergs Blandning is their oldest and finest blend that was brought to the enrich Hotel Mollberg in Helsingborg in 1903. My favourite blend.


The hotel is still going strong and has today the same owner as the hotel Suzanne stayed. We just had visited the hotel quickly before getting the train to the airport. Very lush … and posh. 

Hotell Mollberg is a hotel in Helsingborg which is possibly Sweden’s oldest. It has probably been a guesthouse on the site since the 1300s and all owners since 1639 are known by name.

However, the hotel did not have its current name until 1802, when it was bought by sailor Peter Mollberg who named the hotel to Hotel d’Mollberg. The current main building was built in stages between 1884 and 1902.

©elite hotels

After the visit at Hotel Mollberg was my role as tour leader over. It was time to buy Suzanne a ticket to the airport … the fun had come to an end. I kept her company until she went through to the security area, it felt very empty during my train journey back to Landskrona.

We really had some marvellous days together in sunshine, rain and wind.

“There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
 Linda Grayson

24 thoughts on “it’s tough to be a tour leader …. (the last hours).

  1. Coffee and chocolate the perfect ending to a fabulous few days with the best tour leader ever! Thank you for the chocolates which were heavenly. Mr Jones sends his best wishes. Next time it’s coffee and chocolate in Sussex 🙂

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