ladies lunch with tomatoes

Yesterday … the sun gave us a big break, at least until 8pm – we didn’t even a slight view of blue sky, totally overcast … but we are all screaming for some rain now, but nothing in sight. YET!!!!

Bärbel and I were invited by her landlady, Hiedi, for lunch at “Tomaternas Hus” (The Tomato House) a greengrocer with deli and restaurant – 15 min drive from Landskrona out in the middle of nowhere … out in the country in Vallåkra.  Lovely place with the greenhouse and “tomatoery” on one side of the road and the restaurant and deli on the other. The restaurant is called “Miss Alice” (Swedish only).

“Miss Alice on Tripadvisor! – Open all days except Monday between 10am-6pm – same for the “Tomato House”.

Even if the sun wasn’t showing off today, we sat outside in the beautiful garden. Very busy, but there were seats available. 

We share a bit table with a very nice couple under the pear tree. We enjoyed their famous tomato pie and a glass of white wine. Plus Heidi and I enjoy the strawberry pie with homemade custard too. 

The garden was nearly empty when we went over to the shop and greenhouse …. it was a bit chilly in the air, so it was nice to come inside. Along the road, we picked some rose hip, very early for them to be ready to eat. 

The shop is full of tomatoes in all colours and shapes of course, but also big pots all the herbs under the sun, lettuce … you can buy sauces and dressing … pottery … bread … tomato plants

and geraniums, also in all shapes and colours. They must have over 100 different kinds. An ocean of them in the back of the greenhouse. So many models I ever have seen before.

Plus they have the fanciest hens and rosters in the county, but they are not for sale.

A truly lovely lunch and afternoon … Heide left with the biggest pot of fresh mint. Bärbel and I left with all senses satisfied!!!

“A world without tomatoes
is like a string quartet without violins.”
Laurie Colwin

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