a perfect “midsommar” eve

… after a night of good sleep and early view of ocean sunrise at “Hotel Skansen” in pretty Båstad, Sweden’s small answer to Wimbledon … was it time to enjoy the hotel’s magnificent breakfast buffet, all included.

I woke up early … and it was hard to go back to sleep … when the morning had broken … and I had this view from my bed. 

It was the morning of Midsummer Eve, the biggest yearly event and festival in Sweden. When the nation goes mental … with pickled herring, new potatoes, fresh strawberries, maypoles .. silly dancing, loads of vodka shots …

and after midnight all single ladies pick 7 wildflowers to put under the pillow to be able to dream about their husband to be. I have given up on that part … it has never worked for me … but I think we should put 7 men under the pillow instead and we would have a much more exciting night.

The morning was filled with white bathrobe walking over to the cold bath house and the pier. 

10 am … the hotel’s maypole being to be dressed and anyone that wanted to … was welcome to give a hand. There was both hotel guests and locals helping out.

A lovely sunny day and we decided to take a stroll in the town centre… looking for something we didn’t know that we were needing.

I didn’t find anything, but my girlfriend Bärbel bought a pair of fancy sandals with blue stones.

The Båstad Bike Week was on … and that morning the junior’s had their races. Bikes absolutely everywhere.

Very windy, but sunny …  and blue sky. 

Båstad is all about cobblestone streets, pretty street cottages (was we call them) in the rainbows colours , well maintained gardens and roses, roses, roses … and more roses. The sad thing is that with us having 2 months of blasting sun and no rain what so ever … the roses are read to give up.

I meet my dream house … yellow with green roof – on top of my wish list now. But I wouldn’t like to live in Båstad during the winter … not a soul around. In the summer is it the place to be … for Swedish jet-setters and also international. There was many Americans staying at the hotel. 

Of course with the Midsummer weekend coming up the little town was filling up with people and on the main street the traffic hardly moved. 

After our stroll, we sat down in the little harbour and enjoyed a great “steamed bun” for lunch … and soaked loads of sunshine.

2pm the Midsummer celebration started with dancing around the maypole – and I think more or less the whole of Båstad was there – many of the females (all ages) wore traditional flower wreaths. Lovely to see.

Young and old all joined in …. and preformed all the silly dances.  But not all of us …. some made sure they got the front seats. Bärbel and I took the back seats *laughing. 

After the dancing and all the carry on … I toke a barefoot stroll along the beach and dipped the toes in the water …. more than enough for me.

Back in my room I could see that people was still hanging around on the lawn … after the dancing, some had picnics and by then the wind had come down. A really pleasant early evening.

Of course we had a great dinning adventure again, but we settled for a glass of white each. I educate the bartender to make me a “Port & Tonic” and he made a pretty good job, but didn’t have any white port wine.

After dinner we sat and watched the sunset outside on the lawn and we were not alone, a lot of people toke a walk along the shore in the little chilly evening with the most stunning sunset. It’s was just after 10pm  … we couldn’t had asked for a better ending of an absolute brilliant day, the Midsummer Eve 2019.


What about the 7 flowers????!!!! We forgotten and we couldn’t find 14 (7 each) single men!!!!

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”
Crystal Woods

17 thoughts on “a perfect “midsommar” eve

    • Syliva, thank you so much … for your lovely comment. I think we women particular are very good on finding things we don’t know we need. I hope life are gentle to you and everybody around you. Thanks again.

  1. So many out and about enjoying the water and sunshine. Lovely to hear your room is close to the action…you always seem to pick the best places to stay and go – always near and convenient 😊 That is an interesting tradition, to put the flowers under the pillow. But I agree it would be more exciting if it was real people all over 😆 Hehe, maybe the single men were all hiding and a bit shy 😁

    • Thanks, Mabel … I do a lot of research when I book hotels (location-location … standard and reviews (not TripAdvisor) and there isn’t that many hotels in Båstad and I know the town quite well. To be honest I think most single men were very drunk that evening. *smile Maybe because they are shy. *smile

    • I thought about you .. when I was watching one race … and then cyclists everywhere in town. Midsommar … means flowers … but the most popular colour is white when it comes to the ladies outfits. Colleen, it was a fantastic 2 night stay.

      • You really make the world look beautiful Viveka. I appreciate all the wonderful things you share with us. I suppose maybe wearing the white lets all of the other colors pop!

      • Thank you so much, Colleen for the lovely words … it’s my pleasure to share and THAaAAaAnk you for supporting me. There is so much beauty around us … everyday, doesn’t matter where we are.
        You can be right about the white … but I think it’s because they want to show of their suntan *laughing.

  2. This was great, Viveka–I loved the video! I have to so agree with you–why waste time on 7 flowers? Cut right to the chase and get 7 men under the pillow. You are so funny!

    • Loisa, I think it’s more talk then action … when it comes to me and 7 men under the pillow. *laughing … but it hasn’t worked with the flowers for me. Maybe I have picked the wrong flowers. Have to pick one flower from 7 different meadows and under silence .. I think the silence is where I have failure.

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