birthday celebration with sea view

In the “old days” we celebrated Midsummer, the longest day of the year (21.06) whenever it happened, but today we celebrate it during the weekend closest to date.

Midsummer is the biggest yearly event and holiday in Sweden, something you as a true globetrotter has to take part in. 90% of the nation goes mad for 3 days …. not all good that happens, but when the alcohol goes in the sense goes out. And we do drink. This year the Midsummer celebration started at 22.06.

All emergency service is on highest alter, all men on deck.

21.06 is my friend Bärbel’s birthday and we both will become 70 this year, me in September. 1948 was a great year for wine and girls.

We haven’t celebrated her birthday for over 2 years, because of her mental status … so when we decided to book a posh SPA hotel for her celebration was I very worried that we should have to cancel again. Especially when she ended up in the hospital only 3 weeks before, but some magical happened and … we took the train to Båstad and had a fantastic 2 nights stay at FABULOUS Hotel Skansen”.

Båstad is located in the North West of our county and 50 min train journey from Landskrona. In Båstad the station is a bit away from the town center, but there is always a bus waiting for town connection. 

Båstad is Sweden’s answer to Wimbledon, a little coastal town … that is totally dead during the winter … and the jet-set playground in summer. The PLACE to spend the summer at.  Båstad is the yearly host for Swedish Open (tennis) – this year 16-22.07.

The center court is only 5 steps away from the hotel were was staying. When there is no tournament going on … anyone that is willing to pay the money can play there. 

When we booked we didn’t book sea view rooms, but on arrival did we were given the most priceless views, both rooms … my room even had a balcony *smile. Room 912!!!!!

A fantastic start to the celebrations.

I had ordered flowers to Bärbel and a glass of champagne on arrival. The flowers were stunning, like all flower arrangements on the hotel. Their florist comes from Laholm. Stunning work she does. 

The champagne we enjoyed in the SPA bar. That like our rooms are located in the new part of the hotel. The original building has been an old warehouse. The architecture of the hotel is stunning and so spaces. Every little detail was to perfection. The hotel was welcoming and we felt embraced by it.

The hotel is located more or less straight on the fine sand beach, but with an ocean temperature of +14C/57F is a bit too cold for my comfort and it was WINDY too. It was beautiful weather during our whole stay, but very windy. Still, there were quite a few brave ones taking a quick dip.

Living or staying in Båstad that you spend the morning in your bathrobe … everybody walk down the beach, pier and cold bath house dressed in bathrobes. The hotel provided us with the thickest of thickest robe and slippers. And the robe fitted me!!! Never happened before on any hotel I stayed on during the last 25 years, always too small.

Before dinner, I had a little nap .. or more laying in bed enjoying the stunning view. At the hotels’ restaurant Sand … of course with a fantastic sea view we enjoyed a fantastic meal … and we kept it in company with a full bottle of champagne.

A full bottle was a bit too much for only 2 of us, we were struggling in the end. And the evening wasn’t inviting enough to take a walk down to the cold bath house and finishing it off there. The evening was a bit too chilly for that. 

I think it was around 2 am I crawled into bed …. and this was my eyes was resting on – what a fantastic start we had and there is more of it to come. 

We paid 186€/£165/$218/1925SEK per night/person and that included the most fantastic breakfast, 3-course dinner and free access to the SPA and the Cold Bath House.  The hotel and all its facilities are NONE CASH!!!!

This little lovely resident was the first one to welcome us to Båstad, it said hello so soon we stepped off the bus … seems to be the town’s mascot, so adorable. 

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”

12 thoughts on “birthday celebration with sea view

    • Thank you, Sue …. we both didn’t want to go home, but the hotel was fully booked. Loads of Americans … there was a big wedding in Tennis centre. Maybe we missed somebody famous wedding – we had to get our SPA treatments. *smile

    • Okay, I didn’t know that … but I’m sure there is a couple of places in US that celebrate Midsommar, so many Swedes has immigrated to US. Thanks for the information.

    • Yes, especially when my friend has been so sick for a long time .. and now able to celebrate her birthday as she did. Thank you os much for the visit.

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