a delightful windy evening

… had quite a rough time with my “sorry ass” – so sitting by the PC hasn’t been an option for a while … but it doesn’t mean I don’t have things to share with you.

So I start backward… Sunday evening.  

My best friend (for over 30 years) Bärbel and I decided to enjoy the evening out at our picturesque fishing harbor, Brostahusen. 4 km/2,5 miles from Landskrona city center. It takes about 8 min with bus #5. 

Bärbel hasn’t had a really great life for nearly 1,5 years … mental illness … but after her last hospital visit (3 weeks) she has come home like the Bärbel I knew for most of my adult life. A fantastic change. They did a change to her medication and add Lithium, her level of Lithium in the blood was near to none. 

And what a change to her appearance and appetite on life. For over a year she has hardly left her apartment … now she is out and about every day and .. she shops, that is a really good sign. 

What a difference a pill can do. Unbelievable, like day and night. She doesn’t only excite anymore … she lives.

So now we have to start to do things together again … and enjoying life. 

It started with her 70’s birthday celebration in Båstad over Midsummer – it was just FANTASTIC, but I will come back to those days. 

Sunday evening was beautiful but very wind … pleasant in Landskrona, but out by the sea in Borstahusen … a bit too much.

Visited Borstahusen with my UK blogging sister Sue@WordsVisual a year ago, also very windy (more like storm) … but without the sun, it was more like an autumn evening. We had a very nice evening anywayÖ great food … excellent wine … a lovely company. (post: “The Royal Visit)

“Hamnkrogen” (Swedish only) always delivers great food, good wines, and a fantastic service. We both delighted ourselves with their famous fish soup, it’s so full of different kinds of fish and topped with freshly hand-peeled prawns. We were sipping on a glass of French white wine, Esprit de Lalande Sauvignon Blanc. A perfect match. 

For me a dessert is a must, even if I really had eaten enough … so I went for their Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream … and a cappuccino.

I felt so good until I started to move around … then I notice how stuffed I was. Could hardly move.

Happily, we had to walk to the bus-stop, we felt that we didn’t feel for waiting on the sunset … so we took a little detour … and the wind had come down a bit! When the bus arrived I was feeling okay. 

“I get way too much happiness
from good food.”
Elizabeth Olsen

7 thoughts on “a delightful windy evening

  1. Oh, marvellous, Vivi! Great to her Bärbel is more her old self. And I have good memories of our trip to Borstahusen….what a windy evening! But we had some great food and wine

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,

    I‘m happy for Bärbel! It‘s horrible to feel low and not being able to üarticipate in life.
    And you are a fantastic friend!!! I know what I‘m talking about 🙂
    Many hugs
    Claudia xo 🙂

    • Yes, it wonderful … and today are we going to buy new glasses for her. Dia, thanks for your kind words. I try to treat my people the way I want to be treated. You’re one of the BEST too. How is work treating you these days? Lots …

  3. Sorry for that darn ass of yours, but what a joy for Barbel! The lost years seem criminal but at least she has another chance. I know all too well, from Leo, the difference medication can make. Wishing you better health too, sweetheart 🙂 🙂 Love those opening photos. What a lovely place, and right on the doorstep!

    • Jo, it has been playing up for quite a while now … so sick and tired of it. But it’s what it’s!!!!! Have to get on with it.
      Mental illness is a truly tough cause and it has carried on for such a long time, but now she have got her life back. Hope it will stay that way.
      Jo, you’re more than welcome to my doorstep. Lots …

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