weekly photo challenge – prolific

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.”
Robert A. Heinlein

During my days in Vienna last week did I visit AGAIN one of my favorite places, “Schmetterlinghause” in  Bundesgärten – where Mozart today stands … a very prolific composer.

Personal I think the butterflies at Schemetterlinghause is very prolific. They are very playful, they are multiplying, they are fun, they are stunningly beautiful … and they are also very adventures because they land on anything. I had a couple in my hair and on my blouse. They are really like pets!!!


16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – prolific

    • Yes, she was very popular with the butterflies, mostly because she had a piece of pear in her hand. They are totally wild those butterflies (a bit mad) – they go to attack. Such a fun and lovely little place, not very big and there are so many butterflies. They land on the ground just in front of your feet, so you have to look carefully where you put your feet. A MUST for me to visit every time I’m in Vienna. Sunny Breakfast hug.

    • Yes, such a lovely little place … the butterflies are all over you. There was a couple of Asian girls and they got so frightened when the butterflies came flying against them *smile – a place with loads of beauty and joy. Friday hug.

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