left far too young … only 28!!!


Swedish DJ Tim “Avicii” Bergling has left us, 28 years old.

Tim passed away in Oman and found dead in Muscat during Friday. “The family is broken,” writes Avicii press contact Ebba Lindqvist in a comment. There are no details about his sudden death or what has happened to him. Just that he has been found dead this afternoon. So tragic!!!

Tim Bergling is known all over the world under the artist name Avicii – and has released countless hits. He had his breakthrough in 2011 with “Levels”. Between 2008-2016 he did 816 live performances the world over. His last live performance was in Ushuaia, Argentina, 28 August 2016.


Wake me up
Waiting for love
Hey Brother
Lonely Together (feat. Rita Ora)
The Nights
Without You (feat. Sandro Cavazza)

His version of “Feeling Good”  with Audra Mae, is one of my absolute favorites plus his version of the Swedish national anthem with our famous soccer player; Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for a Volvo commercial.

Tim struggled with his health. In the spring of 2016, he announced that he finished the tour.

“My choices and my career have never been driven by tangible things, although I’m grateful for all the opportunities and the conveniences my success has given me. I know that I am blessed who has the opportunity to travel around the world and behave, but I have too little time for a life as a regular person behind the artist, “he wrote in a comment.

However, he continued to make music and, when the death came, was he on top working with new music.

“Without You”
You said that we would always be
Without you I feel lost at sea
Through the darkness you’d hide with me
Like the wind we’d be wild and free
Said you’d follow me anywhere
But your eyes
Tell me you won’t be there
I got to learn how to love without you
I got to carry my cross without you
Stuck in the middle and I’m just about to
Figure it out without you
And I’m done sitting home without you
Fuck I’m going out without you
I’m going to tear this city down without you
I’m going Bonnie and Clyde without you
Now I’m running away my dear
From myself and the truth I fear
My heart is beating I can’t see clear
How I’m wishing that you were here
Said you’d follow me anywhere
But your eyes
Tell me…

15 thoughts on “left far too young … only 28!!!

  1. Devastating news – I could hardly believe it either. But I recall him being rather ill some years ago…like you say, hope there was neither crime nor suicide behind it.

  2. Very tragic and sad news. So young and he is among my generation 🙁 Looks like he did live a life doing what he wanted, and so many of us were touched along the way.

    • I don’t think we Swedes realise how big he really is as a music artist. I love his music and he were just a very shy young man that had a passion for music. Just watched a documentary about him that Swedish TV sent only 20 days ago. Brilliant documentary, very honest. Far too young.

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