thursday special – pick a word in june

Was just introduced to a Thursday Speical@LOST IN TRANSLATION –  a challenge that tickles my imagination and creative streak. Paula, I hope I can join in???!!!

The words we can use are:






“You don’t take a photograph.
You ask quietly to borrow it.”


17 thoughts on “thursday special – pick a word in june

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  2. Your vigilant trompe l’oeil is brilliant Viveka! I love your urban branching, your continual is a great example and your pomp is most tantalising. I like that quote. It’s the first I hear of it. Thank you very much for showing me your examples. I’ve enjoyed this post a lot.

  3. It’s right up your alley. You know your massive photo collection so well. Perfect images for the word. Paula is so generous with her words, scattering five when most challengers offer a meagre one. That crowd on the balcony is great. Cardboard cutouts? Where?

    • Meg, thank you for your support … I don’t know what the balcony crowd is made of .. found them (22 in total) just around the corner from my hotel i Budapest. Yes, I really like her Thursday Special. Fun challenge.

    • Thank you, Girlfriend …. hard to come up with Paula’s standard. Her Venice images .. just beautiful.
      I have never heard the song before – not at all familiar with Ed Sheeran .. I think I maybe lost out on something. My thoughts are with you over there … what a shock it was to wake up to the news. A HARD comfort hug.

      • Still feeling a bit sick, Vivi. James was at Epsom races on a birthday bash yesterday. I didn’t know what the evening plan was but apparently they were at London Bridge station at 9 last night! Don’t know where they went from there but they’re ok. Thank God!

      • Jo, it’s so terrible .. Lost for words – such anger inside me .. and also I don’t understand how people can do things like that. So glad that James are okay, but you never know those days, doesn’t matter where we go.

      • I can’t imagine hating anyone enough to do these kind of things. But I suppose that’s the point. Did you see Ariana’s concert? It was brilliant xx

      • Can’t watch it over here .. on BBC play, but I have checked on YouTube … brilliant artists, she got together – big fan of Robbie & Coldplay … Take That of course. Not to keen on her, but she is very pretty and I can understand why young girls like here, but not much of an artist. Feel sorry for her, that it all happen on her concert.

      • Coldplay were brilliant and I thought she handled the whole thing really well, Vivi. Her name won’t be forgotten in a hurry now, sadly.

      • She did, but as a singer … I felt she was very weak. I really feel sad for her, but there always comes something good out bad things .. at least that is what I tell myself.

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