millan and inger – two remarkable women

“What the heart has once owned and had,
it shall never lose.”
Henry Ward Beecher

Today is 4 years since mum left me … and there isn’t a day I don’t think about her or talk to her. But I also want to remember her best friend Inger, that became like a second daughter to mum and a sister to me, she lost her fight against cancer 11 months ago. 

Two very special, powerful and certain women with hearts of gold … they never gave in for anything, neither it was sickness or social irregularities. True fighters for them they loved and for themselves.

There were times they … drove me mad, because they never gave in! *smile – they were always right and knew everything … but so did I!!!! *laughing 

Both mum’s and Inger’s aches are lowered at sea in the same place – outside Brantevik’s harbour. Not that I believe in a life after death, but if there is .. I know they are looking after each other and have a great time together. I hope that they haven’t started smoking again.

Today, as I have the last 3 years … did I walk down to the seafront … to lite a candle and put down a rose for mum. But today I put down 2 roses … they didn’t have any Memory Lane roses in the flower shop, so I took 2 white roses with a little bit red and a little heart in each. 

By the time I reached the seafront the sun was gone … and it was quite chilly in the wind. Had to wade out to the rocks, the water was very shallow and pleasantly warm. 

After I placed the roses and the candle in the rocks .. I bought an ice cream. Mum loved ice cream … bought 3 scoops – one for each of us – and I sat there looking out at the sea, thinking about good time and less good times I had with the two ladies.

They are okay … now and they have each other … and we that is left behind has all the memories … that keep our hearts warm every day.

Girls, I miss you ….. so!!!! And I’m sure you miss us too!!!!


13 thoughts on “millan and inger – two remarkable women

  1. What a moving post Vivi. You,re a formidable threesome. I like the way you admit they drove you mad: all sweetness and light just isn’t the way it is. Roses and ice cream are a wonderful tribute.

    • Thank you so much, Meg. Yes, ice cream was a must every time Inger came to visit my mum … Magnum. Mum truly loved Inger, there was moments I felt that she was closer to mum than I was and it probably was that way with all years I spent abroad. Inger treated and loved my mum as she did with her own mother. A very special friendship. They were headstrong as I’m … so we had our moments. There is worst things to be remembered by than … roses and ice cream. Something we had in common.

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