spring, henri and me

I have found the British sailing brand, Henri Lloyd very sexy since the late 80’s. I love what they stand for … their commercials, adverts, clothing, shoes … and the men they use for their PR. Of course, it also has to do with sailing and yachting … today even golf, but that isn’t really my thing.

In the early 90’s everybody supposed to wear their all-weather jacket, double sided, green on one side and navy on the other. I still have mine down in my basement storage. Still look brand new.

I remember it cost more than I could afford. *laughing But it was a MUST!

I think Ralph Laurens and Tom Hilfiger has got their ideas from Henri. The Hampton and Newport look …. blue, grey and white .. stripes … simple lines and great materials. And a design that is both effortless and timeless.

Henri has been around since 1963. Tom was only 12 years old then. 

Today I collected my new glasses … 3 years since the last pair and the new frames are designed by Henri Lloyd. Henri doesn’t come cheap but didn’t eat up my “lost-account neither”.  My glasses came in the most beautiful (blue & gold) case.  Really happy with my choice of frames, but it will take a couple of days before we agree completely. 

Before I went to the optician I visit my hairdresser … need to give me a Spring cut. My hair is so short now that there isn’t space to change the style. It is a brilliant feeling when somebody wash and work with the hair. Very therapeutic!!!!!

It’s was a bit chilly when I left my apartment 9.45 – but when I came out from the hairdresser the spring was back .. blue sky and generous sunshine. 

Noticed that I had Oscar with me, but his battery was low … manage to get some images during my walk back home. Some shops had their Easter feathers on display already.

Here in Sweden, we dress branches of birch with colourful feathers for Easter. It’s a tradition since 1800 – and which is often taken into the home and be decorated for Easter, much like an Easter equivalent of the Christmas tree. Easter decorations linked to Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the palm leaves are strewn in front of him on the ground.


When I was a child we always picked the branches ourselves and decorated them with the feathers, that often have coloured at home too … today we buy the branches with the feathers on.

Here in Landskrona the shops get branches to decorate the entrance to the shop and the council have massive displays around the town centre, different colours combinations on the feather every year. Not up yet.

The magnolia trees in the park are still in buds … after Easter, they will be in full bloom. I will come back with more images then. 

Now getting in the spirit of Amsterdam, Easter and the Keukenhof with their 7 million bulbs. Many years since I was in Amsterdam now .. in the late 90’s I think it was. Love Amsterdam!!!

Two times I been staying at Park Hotel and I was robbed both times on my hotel room. Very strange, the same hotel. It was at least 6 years between the visits. None of the times the hotel took any responsibility or didn’t even apologised. Last time it happened they gave me a map for the police station, so it must have happened to more than me.

This time we will be staying at a B&B. Hotels are so expensive in Amsterdam. Not worth the money .. I rather spend my money on great food and wine.

 “Love at first sight? Let me just put on my glasses.”
Ljupka Cvetanova


12 thoughts on “spring, henri and me

    • I’m looking forward to see you … *laughing … and I will see you a lot clearer now. Not the big different to my old once. Because I’m so big headed .. I have problems to find female frames. Food and wine, yes .. a lot more fun to spend money on. *smile

      • Ah, head size, of course! What a pain that specs are not available in a wider variety of sizes….. A bit like shoes for smaller and larger feet…..

  1. When are you two meeting up again? And where?

    I love your posts – they tell me so much about you, and make me smile with delight to know you. What is the green and orange behind the specs?

    • Sue is coming to visit me in July, she is spending a couple of day with me and then we both visit Leya. (https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/) … we live in the same county.
      The glasses .. I think it only the light that gives those shades. Or it’s the frames that gives the color to the glass.
      Thank you so much for your … lovely comments. Can’t get enough of them. *smile

    • Then he will like Henri Lloyd. Tommy Bahama … I visit his restaurant in Las Vegas. They served a cinnamon butter with their freshly baked bread .. was to die for.

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