sl-week 28; music

Music has nearly the same importance to me as … fresh air and water !!! And I’m so lucky that I have all 3!!!!

“One good thing about music,
when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley

music makes us smile

SL-WEEK 28 : Music

13 thoughts on “sl-week 28; music

    • Yes, that’s why I love this image .. she is a member of Andre Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra. She is the proof that music makes us feel good. *smile

  1. When I saw Sylvain’s theme this week I just knew you’d be here. Happy Wednesday! Bit grey now but we did have a nice bright start so I walked home from t’ai chi. 🙂 Hope you’re resting up ready for the next trip.

    • Good Wednesday, here is it full winter …. it’s snowing and snowing and snowing. Beautiful!!!! Leaving for London/Brighton on Wednesday … so looking forward to it. Meeting up with Travel Bunny and Sue … Then up to Belfast and it looks like I will fly home from Edinburgh. 12 days! Nice to meet up with old and new friends. Winter hug.

      • Making my way to Newcastle for a friend’s birthday. Cold wet and snowy. Waited half hour for bus. Gave up and went for train. Landslide north of Newcastle! Joys of travel xxx

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