well hidden gem – atelier red & wine, prague

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Located on a back street in Malá Strana, Prague …. truly lives up to it’s reputation. I had the pleasure to spend a very tasteful, friendly   and relaxed evening at this little gem (45 seats) to restaurant …. my last evening in Prague over Christmas.wine display

Atelier Red & Wine
Rošických 603/4,
150 00 Praha 5,
Phone; 257 218 277 (booking recommend)
Cuisine; Modern international, $$-$$$

Headchef: Ondřej Soukup

I always do a research around where to eat well and good … sometimes also expensive. Not all good restaurants come cheap, but this little pearl had very moderate prices and excellent wines, far better than the top restaurant I spent the evening before at and that cost me 3 times more.

My evening started well with me making a grand entrance with breaking a couple of wine glasses on the table beside mine, when taking of the coat. Glad that at the time there was very few guests. My next table neighbors was a lovely Japanese family and the young daughters looked at me with very big eyes.

Very quickly the restaurant filled up and there was guest from all over the world, the owner,  Lubo …. very talent in languages. He was going between French, German, English and Czech constantly, as he crossed between the tables. And he also knows his wines.

The menu was small, but very well put together and there was something for everyone.

During my visit to Prague I enjoyed a Vodka & tonic every night before dinner!panko prawns

For a starter I had Deep Fried Panko King prawns, beautiful presented and delicious. The batter was so crisp and light.

Main course I had Deer loin, spinach pancake, pumpkin, cabbage, mushroom. I’m a big fan of game dishes … but I seldom find any restaurant aboard that is able to cook game as our Swedish chefs does, but Atelier truly delivered and I wanted to lick the plate. The deer was so tender and the dish how it was put together was beyond expectation. deer

Their wine list is very interesting and exciting. I had a white  …. excellent, Petit Chablis Domaine Claude Chevallier – and the red that I had with the deer, one of the best red I had for a very long time. A Serbian wine,  the very winery is situated at the property in Bujacic and owned by the the Jelic family that began their wine story in 2002. I had a glass of their Millennium 2007. A full body wine … like a Merlot, but far better. Absolutely beautiful.

Jelkić-Millennium- milijanjelic com

image provided by milijanjelic.com

I finished of my very tasteful dinner with a Coconut Tiramisu that was served in a beautiful glass .. quite a big portion to be a dessert, but I just every ounce of it. All dishes was in perfect portion size and very well presented.

finale touch

The service was outstanding: caring, welcoming and very attentive, without being over the top.

If I have to complain on something – it has to be been nice to had a linen napkin and not paper.

I couldn’t had a better finish of my very dramatic Christmas stay in Prague, with my friend on hospital and me have to return home without her.

So I have booked a new visit to Prague, in the middle of March and Atelier is one of two places I will return to for sure, the other place is the “Café Archa Barista”, but that is another story.

“It’s easier to be faithful to a restaurant
than it is to a woman.”
Federico Fellini

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7 thoughts on “well hidden gem – atelier red & wine, prague

  1. Dear Viveka,

    is very nice to hear from you. It is very kind of you to write such nice words about your visit in our place.

    It was my pleasure to see you in our place. I hope your friend is doing well by now and I´m definitely looking forward to seeing you again on your planned visit to Prague.
    Do not hesitate to give me a sign when arriving to Prague and will be glad
    to see you again.

    My kindest regards
    Lubo Mikuš

    • Dia, it was nearly to die for ….. Thanks for asking, I’m struggling a bit .. so tired and the weather doesn’t help much neither. Yes grey and wet, but they have promised colder weather the rest of the week.
      Going to visit friends for a couple of days .. and 20th I fly to UK … back 5th of Febr. Great long break. Visiting Brighton, London, Edinburgh (I think – haven’t made my mind up yet) and Belfast of course.
      Duvet hugs … *smile

      • 🙂 I just found a mini-cruise with QM2…it’s really short. Only a one-nighter. Just in case we don’t hit the jackpot. We might be able to afford that 😀
        Sleep tight xo 🙂

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