weekly photo challenge – monochromatic

“I drink to make other people more interesting.”
Ernest Hemingway

Just back on my hotel room after a fantastic day in Potsdam and a fantastic dinner at Cafe Wintergarten im Literaturhaus, Berlin. Just a block away from the hotel. The evening was so warm that we were able to eat outside in their lovely garden.

So my entry  … will be my lemon vodka & tonic that I had before dinner.

lemon vodka & tonic


15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – monochromatic

    • Hi there, got your text … thank you so much .. and I’m so glad you like the cover. I can’t send any text back on my cheap tariff. Had a great birthday … and was treated to a nice meal in the evening. There will be stories to be posted. *smile

    • ThAaaAaAAAAAank you so much … it was a great drink. *smile I love playing around with the camera and drinks .. got some cool images of the Mojito I had for lunch today. *smile – Only live once or maybe twice. *smile

  1. Cheers, darlin’! Or is it ‘chin!chin!’? (just ignore me- you know I’m daft 🙂 )
    Weather abysmal but off to Dad’s cleaning so it really doesn’t matter. Back to chat later. Damp hugs!

    • Hi there, back in Landskrona and today I put my blind travel mate on the train back to Stockholm and there was a melt down in the train service … but after a couple of hours waiting I got her on a train.
      Would never happened in Germany. *laughing … there everything is on time. Even the cheque in the post.
      No cheers today … on Thursday, girlfriends for lunch. Duvet hugs …

      • Glad you’re safely back down to earth (for a little while 🙂 )
        Ambivalent about those Germans. Europe seems to’ve got itself in a fine mess these days! Yes please- send the cheque 🙂 🙂

      • I feel sorry for Germany, because they are suppose to be the fix all problems in Europa, but that is the backside of being a powerful nation. Terrible what is going on now with all the refugees – my heart is crying out to them, poor people … that has to leave everything and risk their lives. My friend, Anna-Liisa’s family left everything in Finland when the Russians was invading in 1940 – flee to Sweden.in a little fishing boat. .

      • The problems are inescapable and seem to be unsolvable, Vivi. Who are these guys that can turn so many people’s world inside out? It makes my blood boil and I want to bang heads together. But violence is never the answer. Just see where it leads!

      • To solve the problem with Syria … they have to start in Syria, but if somebody attack them … there will retaliation all over the western world. ISIS is a very dangerous terrorist group and they are everywhere. So terrible … for the poor people in Syria.

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