weekly photo challenge – today was a good day

A perfect day for me – is of course a day full of my guilty pleasures …  a good breakfast, long walk along the beach, some ice cream, a pair of shoes, lunch, a stroll in the park with some fresh fruit in my bag, of course a coffee break with some calories, a good portion of great art, flowers, dinner at a little intimate restaurant with a couple of glasses of great wine, a free spectacular, a slow walk through the city in the warm summer evening and a comfortable bed to just disappear into together with Gerard Butler – all to make the day perfect. I know … keep on dreaming, Viveka!!!!

Of course Oscar, my Canon Powershot, would spend the day with me. But no camera in the bedroom. *smile

I wish you a Good weekend!

“Every day is a good day to be alive,
whether the sun’s shining or not.”
Marty Robbins


20 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – today was a good day

    • I had a pet owl as child by name Oscar … and I also had a couple fancy Japanese Pearl Gold fishes … that all where named Oscar, Oscar one, two and three – and if I had a son his name would be Oscar. There something with the name I liked since I was a child, don’t know anyone by the name. We had two kings in Sweden by name Oscar … but long before my time. A long story for a short name. *smile

    • Thanks, Girlfriend … because of my yesterday post – I thought I make up a good day … from all my images. I have decided to have a brilliant weekend. Weekend hugs …

      • That’s a good plan! Might be a little damp, but like your quote says- what’a s little rain? 🙂 After zumba and a shower (different kind 🙂 )I’m meeting a friend for lunch in our marina. Will definitely be a good day! Hugs to you too! Got a good movie tonight?

  1. 🙂 This sounds like an excellent day! Some day I must move near a beach. Just the thought of being able to stick my feet in the water and feel the sand between my toes…wonderful!
    Hope your evening is just as good!
    Big hug xo 🙂

    • I know the feeling, Dia … I have the beach 15 min walk away .. but I hardly make it down there – but so wonderful to know it’s there. Tomorrow I will have a good day with Oscar in Landskrona and visit the beach. The nice weather are going to stay August out. Big feel good hugs … to you.

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