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Our last full day in Bristol provided thick overcast … and we had a day on our own to do what ever we fancy. Paula is very good travelling mate, because she doesn’t need to hold hands.

My first goal was to visit the post office and to send my postcards. I just love Royal Mail … always so polite and helpful. We don’t have proper post offices anymore in Sweden, it’s local small shops or supermarkets that handle that service – not really the same, but it have it’s benefits that they are open everyday … and mine is open to 10pm.bristol generations

So after that being done I had plans to go back to St. Nicolas Market … but it was warm even if it was overcast, so I decided to do the Watershed walk instead. There is plenty of water in Bristol … also in shape of fountains. We hadn’t been down to the harbor or canals area more than we had dinner at the Glass Boat.

It was great to spend some quality time with Oscar.

I had read about this cafe in the old fire station – The Kitchen – tried to get in there with my blogging sister Jo on Saturday, but they are only open weekdays. So I enjoyed a very healthy lunch there … a pita bread filled with different salads,  chicken and two yummy dressings – plus a really delicious raspberry lemonade. The cafe is a mixmatch of everything: old tables and chairs … very rustic setting, some soft couchs and fresh flowers on the tables. It was really busy … And the middle of lunch the fire alarm went off and everybody started to laugh. Fire alarm goes off in the fire station. The building was evacuated, but not the cafe. The Kitchen is a part of YMCA that is also located in the fire station.

And before I “walked on” did I have great big cappuccino. The Kitchen has very good reviews on TripAdvisor and they are not wrong.

Kids and water … how much joy isn’t to watch them???!!!!  There was one little girl that was playing around in very fountain I passed, but I was a bit worried because it looked that she was all on her own. No adult attached to her at all and when I asked her she didn’t answer. Any how she really enjoyed herself and had loads of fun.

I walked along the Watersheads and over the Peros bridge that have started to build up quite a collection for padlocks. When back at the Millennium Fountain I saw this ice cream van belonging to Marshfield Farm … I told the girls inside I want that I wanted the biggest size in a paper cup, don’t like corns. And the ice cream was massive … and when I sat down by the fountain the sun came out. Without doubts it was the best soft ice I ever had.

There was this little boy that was chasing the water and pigeon with ice cream all over his face. That was the highlight of my afternoon. He was so adorable and his mum had her hands full. He was constant on the go.

Walking back to the hotel there wasn’t much going on more than the rush hour traffic was building up. But I found the famous Christmas Steps, The whole Broadmead area is like on big building site: hotel, offices, student flats and luxury apartments. Every corner there is construction going on.

Throughout 2015, the eyes of the world will be on Bristol as the European Green Capital – the first UK city to win this prestigious award. I can could see why. The mayor of Bristol and Bristol City Council wanted to make the city more green and safe through put the speed limit to 20mp (32kph) throughout Bristol.

All roads except dual carriageways, 40mph and 50mph roads have the new 20mph speed limit. The speed limit is applying to all motorized vehicles on the road. A not very popular decision. The thing is that the mayor has been caught speeding. *laughing.

image in courtesy of bristolpost.co.uk

image in courtesy of bristolpost.co.uk

Bristol has so much to offer and what I manage to see and do is only a very small part. I have decided I will go back in the spring and take on bit more of this fantastic city.

But there is a sad history to Bristol too. Do you know that Bristol was the leading port during the slavery trade????!!! Between 1697 and 1807, 2,108 known ships left Bristol to make the trip to Africa and on-wards across the Atlantic with slaves. An average of twenty slaving voyages set sail a year. Over 3.4 million slaves were brought into slavery by these ships, representing one-fifth of the British slave trade during this time.

It became a day with a lot of feeling good …. and sore feet, but there was time for a good nap before the tasteful evening at “The Spiny Lobster”.

Farewell and thank you so much, Bristol, for 5 outstanding days …. see you in 2016.peros-bridge-padlocks

“Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the earth.”
Rebecca Solnit

19 thoughts on “a feeling good tuesday

    • Sue, he was so funny and he really gave his mum a running around. Have about 6 images of him … chasing everything with movement .. but this is the best of the bunch.

  1. Fabulous! Now you have me feeling good too 🙂 I love that song!
    I have so many similar images of Bristol, Vivi- it was like walking along with you. Your Oscar is much better equipped than me, but the little bit of magic comes from the person, and you have that in spades! 🙂 Hugs darlin’!

    • ThaAAAaAaanks, Girlfriend. Your camera and you are a brilliant team – you take fantastic images … and it’s so true that it’s not down to the camera it’s down to the person that holds the camera. I’m not at all surprised that we have similar images, because you have done a lot more walking than I did.
      I dare to say it’s my favorite song .. I feel good every time I listen to it and this new version I my favorite just now.
      By the way .. you have plenty magic too. ‘smile

    • Thank you …. Yes, it’s a fantastic version … done by the Swedish DJ Avicii, the guy with “Wake me up” – he used it new Volvo XC90 commercial … The singer has a great voice, Audra Mae, is her name. I suppose my shots are like me .. hungry for life. *smile

    • Rhys, I envy you …. I have always liked the city. But now am I in love it. Going back in the spring. Have done a couple of post about my stay Bristol .. if you’re interest .. just go for the tag “Bristol”. Was so lucky with the weather too .. brought it with me. *smile Thank you so much for visiting my world … and for taking time to comment. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

    • Sylvia, same to you … yes, it was a great day. I sat and watched that little boy for a good while, he was so adorable – but his mum had her hands full. He was just not to be stopped and eating his ice cream on the same time.

  2. Vive, I have my own little story about Bristol. I’ve only ever been to Bristol once, and that was for a day trip with a difference! It was in February 2005, and I flew out of Belfast City Airport with FlyBe (FlyBe no longer fly to Bristol from Belfast City, although easyJet do from Belfast International). Got off the “Airport flyer” bus at Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station. What an impressive entrance. And I always remember the name of the pub directly opposite the station, The Reckless Engineer.

    I don’t know much television you watched when you were staying in Belfast, or even if you know about a quiz programme called Brainteaser which was broadcast live on Channel 5 every lunchtime? The show was made in Bristol, and I appeared as a contestant on February 7th, 2005. I have to admit that I didn’t do very well, and I was eliminated at the end of the first round, although I take my hat off to my opponent, Roy, who was literally like lightening. Even if I had been on my best form that day, I still think it would have been difficult to beat him. But after the show, the rest of the day was free before I headed back to Bristol Airport for the flight home. Although some people said that they seen me in it, no-one I knew took a video of it, and despite my best efforts, have not been able to find a video of it online.

    But I do remember thinking how beautiful the city was. The harbour area at that time had been undergoing regeneration, and was almost complete, pretty much in the same way that the Albert Dock in Liverpool was regenerated. Or the Laganside project here in Belfast, redeveloping some of the docks and quaysides.

    But I’ve not been back in Bristol since, though I have said that I would like to go back, maybe spend a weekend there or something like that.

    • Barry, love your story … I recall the program, but I couldn’t say if I ever watched it … but well done. You should really re-visit Bristol, such a vibrant city .. visit during the Hot Balloon Festival … 11 aug next year. I will be there, if nothing come in the way. Perfect city for a long weekend .. and take the bus or the train to Bath for the day – the most beautiful city. Temple Meads is one of the most impressive stations I ever been to. Amazing building .. it never ends.
      Bristol has fantastic restaurants and cafes … and the prices are very moderate, I think it’s all the students that keep the prices down. I plan go back in the spring first of all.
      Thank you for your lovely story.

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