cee’s fun foto challenge – perspective

The House that Jacques Built - detail 3Last week did I visit Denmark’s beautiful Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana in Humlebaek. It takes me about 1,5 hour to get there with help of two trains and a ferry. Always a fantastic day-trip.

There I met for me a new artist, Peter Doig, the most successful living European artist today. Born in Edinburgh in 1959, settled in Trinidad since 2002. In 2007, his painting White Canoe sold at Sotheby’s for $11.3 million, then an auction record for a living European artist. In February 2013, his painting, The Architect’s Home in the Ravine, sold for $12 million at a London auction.entrance

There wasn’t one painting I wouldn’t like to own … but I neither have the walls or the money. This entry is about his painting “The House that Jacques Built”, 1992 – 200x250cm – and a gift of the British Friends of the Art Museums in Israel, Young Friends Committee, 1995.

This is in my eyes a Masterpiece.The House that Jacques Built - detail 5 The House that Jacques Built - detail 2 The House that Jacques Built - detail 1 The House that Jacques Built- detail 4

“The House that Jacques Built” belongs to a series that Doig calls “Horizontal Triptychs.”

“A little perspective,
like a little humor,
goes a long way.”
Allen Klein

young viewer


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37 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – perspective

      • I had never heard about this Scottish painter before … looked him up and only 15 years ago he didn’t have food on the table for every day.
        For me all big artists has been struggling before their fame in some why, van Gogh – there was also a struggling artist ones …and lived with problems through his whole life. I think that’s what makes their art so good. Same with most classical composers.

      • I have heard the theory that the struggle is essential to great art. It seems a shame that we allow those with talent to suffer, though, and only recognize them after death.

      • Yes, I had a colleague that was hand painting beautiful porcelain, we all bought from her and we was joking with her that she had to die soon … so they got some value.
        That’s why I think it’s so great that Peter has made it … while he are still young.

  1. Always fascinating what appeals to different eyes, Vivi. Thanks for the intro to this guy 🙂
    Just a quick check in this morning. I’m home and stepping back into reality for a day or two. Glorious sunshine today. Catch you later 🙂

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