a day filled with my favorite things

Louisiana, main building 1

Once again a day with things I love and enjoy; friends, travel, Denmark, art, flowers, the ocean and great food, but I lost out on the ice cream.

Last week did I go over to Louisiana togheter with two of my girlfriends,  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humblebeck, Denmark.eye catching ferry

One of my friends came with bus from Gothenburg for a day trip, which takes about 2 hours, so she had a really early start. We met up in Helsingborg station that has everything under one roof; trains, buses and ferries.

It’s my friend, Iris that keeps an eye on all the interesting culture events that goes on in our county and also on the other side of the water.
I just tag along. Didn’t know anything about the artists that was on show – so all was pleasant surprises.

And of course my day had some pretty flowers and eye catching details. I said to Jo, my blogging sister over in Hartlepool, UK that Denmark is a very glamours country in a down to earth way. Their houses and homes are stunning … very compartment and of course they are masters how to use design that goes up in the surrounding of the nature. Denmark is such a delightful country, but so expensive !

But I fell madly in love with the Scottish painter …. Peter Doig. Very colorful, vibrant and intense – adding very small interesting details to his paintings. I wasn’t that keen on his abstract paining. Even if I could had afford one of his paintings and wouldn’t have the wall to hang it on, they were all massive.entrance

Peter was born in Edinburgh 1959. One of the most renowned living figurative painters, he has settled in Trinidad since 2002.

He had some smaller ones on display along a walkway between two halls, that he called “Black and White” – two paintings beside each other with the same motive; one in full color and one in B&W.
Most of the fantastic painting was from private collections; he are the most successful living European artist today and I understand why.Solo travellerFigures in Red Boat - Peter Doig Blotter -Peter Doig Okahumkee (Some other Peoples Blues) Peter Doig Peter Doig intensityEcho Lake - Peter Doig Peter Doig - house of flowers ski jacket - peter doig milky way details

In 2007, his painting White Canoe sold at Sotheby’s for $11.3 million, then an auction record for a living European artist. In February 2013, his painting, The Architect’s Home in the Ravine, sold for $12 million at a London auction.

Jeff Wall’s lightbox images also talked to me and I spent quite some time with his art, but so difficult to capture and do justice.

They are also showing lithographs by David Hockey and  Richard Mosses’s interesting pink photos from Congo and the civil war, very powerful and beautiful in their bizarre way.

The last show I visit was the German avant-garde painter Hans-Peter Feldmann , with his baroque painting with modern details, most of his portraits was squinted. So funny. And instead of black tape over the more intimate parts on his figures, he had black taped their eyes instead. Great paintings and I love his sense of humor.

Our day had of course some great food … and cakes – I had their lunch buffet and for the afternoon coffee break I stuffed myself with a delicious lemon cheese cake.

Louisiana is also showing sculptures by Henry Moore outside in their’s wonderful surroundings. To we had a sun on our backs most of the day, but was we started to walk back to station for returning home some raindrops fell.

Just after 4pm we were back in Helsingborg. We visit our favorite coffee shop at the station and had a chat about life until it was time for my friends bus to take her back to Gothenburg.

I reached Landskrona 20 min later … a heavy rain had just passed, so I manage to get a fantastic and pleasant day in great company with only a few raindrops on my head.

“Painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless.”
Peter Doigfor finding the way home

27 thoughts on “a day filled with my favorite things

    • Thank you so much, it was a fantastic day … and there was so much color the whole time – it was hard not to use a lot of images.
      Key Lime my favorite … not a cheese cake lover, but once in the while. Never done one myself …. Well done! I think it will be very difficult to make a cheese like Philadelphia at home.

    • Maralee …. there wasn’t one artist that I didn’t like … but Peter Doig stool my heart with his vibrant art. Food is always great in their restaurant, but the Danish loves their food.

    • If you ever come to visit Copenhagen or me …. I will try to give a day like this one. Freezing office, been there … done and I think I have a T-shirt too. Feel for you. Danish cakes are… VeEeEEeeery Good! Loads of calories. Hugs in return. *smile

  1. What a beautiful day Viveka. Love the photos, the houses, boats and flowers – everything! My friend who retired back home asked if we can go to Europe next year. I like to visit multiple cities (two at a minimum) but leisurely. Thinking I could do Denmark and Sweden?

    • Thank you, Bebs …. Denmark is very expensive, but it’s very easy to reach from the west coast of Sweden. Do day trips. Of course you should visit Stockholm, but come and stay in Landskrona a couple of days first. I will be your guide. Just let me know if you need help with hotel bookings … or anything, I’m good on finding deals. Flights … use http://www.momondo.com/- I use them all the time to find great flight prices.

      • If you ever visit Denmark …. you just have to visit Louisiana – not only for the art … the setting is priceless!!!

      • Denmark – aaahhh. It sounds so magical. Supposedly my mother’s heritage is from there. Therefore, it should be on my list too, lol.

      • Denmark is a very pleasant … and welcoming country. They like their food and beer and have a very rich culture life. Of course you should visit … and see where you roots comes from. But expensive. Norway even worst. Sweden is the cheapest. I’m sure that Denmark want you to visit. Put on top of your list. *smile

  2. You do like your galleries, don’t you, Vivi? And thanks for the mention. I always thought that Sweden would be a smart and sophisticated country, but I’ve never been so I can’t judge. It sounds like a great day, and that lemon cheesecake looks just my cup of coffee 🙂
    I ironed today to keep you company 🙂 Lots of rain and a little sunshine. Happy packing tomorrow!

    • Yes, I like my galleries … because they make it possible for me to add many images to my posts. If that is the galleries you mean. Sweden is like a country club, but on of the posh kind. It’s at times hard to get a membership .. and be accepted. But Sweden is a very pleasant acquaintance, and it’s very smart country. And if you get accepted you will have a membership for lifetime. *smile
      How sweet to keep my company, probably why it was so easy today! Packing done … tomorrow SPA day at home.

      • No, I meant art galleries 🙂 Not smart enough for membership but I’ve met some very nice Swedish people (and hope to meet a very nice Swedish lady quite soon 🙂 )

      • You don’t have to be smart …. we don’t like when people are smarter than us. *laughing. I don’t visit galleries … that is why I got confused … not my thing. I visit art museums or culture centers, but I think that is what you meant. I’m not much for art galleries. I know that I will meet a very nice British lady soon.

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