cee’s fun foto challenge – my favorite things, chours

Have missed the 2 first challenges in this topic. Favorite things … have loads, this gallery was so fun to put together – a blasting chours with things that makes me feel so good, in random. Thanks, Cee!

“The best things in life are unexpected –
because there were no expectations.”
Eli Khamarov

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29 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – my favorite things, chours

    • Yes, it’s one of my favorite songs ….. he was in Stockholm exactly a year – and I was there … a Magical evening. What an entertainer – first time I saw was in Madison Sq Garden in NYC in 2000 – didn’t even knew how he was … he has grown and developed to a MEGA star.
      Thanks, Maralee – for your support.

    • Cee, I had a feeling that you’re MB fan too. *smile – but there is many good versions of this song out there.
      I thought about using “My Favorite Things” – but for me it felt better with this cloud. Your pleasure and mine, love it.

    • Thanks, A-C! I think if I had looked through my media images a bit longer I would have found a lot more. I would have loved to add friends too … but no images. *smile

    • I love my red shoes, but don’t wear them often enough …. thinking of put them in my bookshelve as display. *smile Every woman should have a pair of red high heels.
      Canon have never let me down – at my 3rd camera now. But I had a fantastic Olympus about 20 years ago.

      • I’m still on my first Canon, but my 4th lens. the first was defective, the second and broke because I tripped, and I have a new lens that seems perfect. I got a Tameron lens, though. Red shoes, yum, but high heels make my toes cramp so I can hardly walk – not good for someone who loves to walk. 🙂

      • To my first Canon I had all the different lenses – but I can’t do with all that carry on – it’s like going on a safari when taking the camera for a walk. Now I have a Powershot with one lense that has 3 lenses in one – a compact camera that can take close up of the moon even. Best toy I every had. Tameron lenses are very good. High heels I call … taxi shoes or sit down shoes. I wouldn’t even dream about walking in them for a longer period. Not like when I was young. My numb feets are screaming very quickly those days.

      • I’ll have to look into the Powershot. It is a pain to carry around a big camera bag, although I love the lens I have now, the range is huge. so I never change it out. I’m not a professional photographer, just a blogger who enjoys photography. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one that couldn’t wear those except in a cab or at a restaurant! I could do that – If someone would carry me to the cab. – kidding 🙂 So good to connect with you. 🙂

      • You can’t get a bigger lense than Powershot SX50HS or SX60HS – everything from a small flower to close up on the moon.
        I have a SX50 – and the weight of the camera is 495gr and that is because of the amazing lense. Slightly bigger than other a compact, but the lense is out of the world … check it out on youtube when they take images of the moon.
        High heels was for my youth when I could walk for miles in them … those days, only sit down meals and cab fares. *laughing – but I still have to wear them. Thanks for ballerina shoes …

    • Carol, you can come over any time you like *laughing. That ring is on the top of my wish list …. saw it in a shop in Vienna last year. Just like me on an angle. *smile

    • Frank, thank you so much ….. with a camera in the hand there is a totally different world. Yes, I think my gallery … is an image of me. My playmates has been very good *smile – have a pleasant weekend. Put the dancing shoes on.

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