weekly photo challenge; rule of thirds

This should be an easy one for me – I never manage to get the subject where I want it to be. So welcome to my world of and on a third. Our world that I think is pretty amazing. *smile 

I wish you a pleasant weekend!!!

“Right at the edge is where you’ll find me.
The edge of the middle.”
Jarod Kintze 

Jarod Kintz

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36 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; rule of thirds

    • Thank you, Carol, for the lovely comment …. I had the pleasure of seeing Michael in Stockholm exactly a year ago and he is in my gallery too, so I thought this song will be suitable as cloud over my gallery. He is a fantastic artist … and entertainer.

    • I had a hard time to find a good cloud for this gallery – but my world is pretty good … even if it’s on rule of thirds and angles.
      Big Michael fan and he is in gallery … so the song is just perfect … in my book. Loisa, keep on looking and capture the world on angle … it is a lot more interesting that way. Thank you so much for you lovely comment. Time for the duvet now. *smile – I wish a pleasant weekend.

    • Yes, loads of great things going on there in the summer. I listen to Plácido Domingo there one lovely summer evening in 1989, Still in love with him. *smile

    • Thanks, A-C! It was hard to find a music cloud for this topic, but when I looked at the images … I thought that world is pretty amazing and the choice was there. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day in this fantastic weather.

      • What????? We have a sun that is blastering. How strange.
        A-C, good on you – well done …. you have been working like a mad dog for many years, too many. Great news – that means we can make more adventures together too.
        I really hope you feel really good about your decision.

      • Good …. I’m so happy for you!!! The best thing I ever done – I don’t miss work at all .. but at times I miss the everyday social life. SoOooOOooOo happpy.

      • A-C, it’s all up to you .. if you want to still have some part of them in your life – keep in contact with them now and then.
        The freedom from work will make up with it and … other interesting people will come into your life. You’re a very active person and very social … so new contacts will be made.

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