on my way ….

chicago close up…. to MY Chicago – tomorrow 17.40pm will I land at O’Hare Airport with my friend, Anna-Liisa.

This time will Wyndham Grand Riverfront Hotel will keep our pillows comfortable and during 5 days are we going to be embraced by Chicago and all the great food we will embrace, because in my book Chicago is one of the most exciting food cities in the world.

The weather is looking to be a bit iffy … but if it rains is there always Sheed’s Aquarium or one of the many interesting museums. And SHOPPING – Nordstrom Rack …. HERE WE COME!!!!!! E-ticket

Going to meet up with my dear blogging sisters; Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC and Bebs@Taking a Deep Breath, SO exciting.

Then after Chicago is time for us to take Las Vegas on – first time for me … so that is going to be an experience – all I know about Las Vegas is what I seen in movies and one of my favorite TV-series: CSI. I don’t think we have to worry about the weather in Las Vegas.IMG_3387

I will have free wifi access during the whole time – and who knows … maybe I will be popping up. And I sure that both Oscar and Hulda is going to be overworked and underpaid after this trip – enough to make you sicken by my stories, reports and images … during months to come.

Be good to yourself …. and stay safe out there!

“It is amazing how nice people are to you
when they know you’re going away.”
Michael ArlenKastrup - sydsvenskan se

26 thoughts on “on my way ….

    • Uru,thanks a million. Yes, travelling is always an adventure. It started yesterday when check-in online, when the check-in open nearly seats was already taken?????!!! So we are not able to sit together, but we are sitting behind each other. Very strange.
      Full plane … to Chicago????!!!
      I’m very privileged to be able to still able to travel, time I have plenty … heath a bit iffy … money still some left.

  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun!! I hope you have a great time. I can’t wait to read about your trip.

    My cousin lives in Chicago and absolutely loves it. The food is terrific from what I hear.

    • Great, love young ladies that love their food. I promise there will be reports … *smile
      I visit Chicago the first time more or less accidental and I love since that first evening. Brilliant city – very high but still so airy. I wouldn’t mind living in Chicago and I have said for years if I ever win that jackpot I will buy a penthouse apartment straight away in Chicago.

      • Good plan, Viveka! Living in Chicago would be pretty awesome. That city is on my hit list as well.

      • I didn’t win the lottery this evening … so I have to wait until next week to move. *smile
        Know excatly where I want to live.
        Chicago is a small big city … with bright lights … great food and friendly chatty people. Great taxi drivers too.

    • Thanks, A-C …. leaving a sunny and nice Skåne today – and land in a muggy Chicago – warm but very little sun.
      I promise I will do and try my best. *smile

    • Lori, thank you so much – I would have loved to have you in town … and to meet up with you. But my trip to Florida is still on the bucket list and … I hopefully I will be able to come back to Chicago again and again and again. Just love it here.

    • Yes, this evening I think I had one of my best meals ever. For me Chicago is the best food city in the world.
      Never had a bad meal, expect for breakfast the other morning. Shopping – FAB!!!

    • Trudi, thanks a million -posted your card today. We had a fantastic time so fare, but it has been very hot and sunny, Chicago was hit with a serious thunder storm this afternoon, I missed it because I had my afternoon nap.
      Much more pleasant now. Tomorrow last day .. then Las Vegas.

    • Thanks, Wendy … came home yesterday … not the body clock is messed up again. Had a fab time – but have very mixed feelings about Vegas, but I have the T-shirt now. *smile

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