weekly photo challenge – dialogue

This week I’m in a bit of a hurry, but I still want to be in the challenge – so I have picked out a lot of talking from my media library – all images from this fantastic summer. So not much thinking outside the box this week.

By the way I talk a lot … too ????!!!

Have a great weekend everyone – see you from Chicago.

“It’s good to talk.”
British Telecom/BT, 1994

Why not join the challenge or at least check out all the views on this week’s subject; dialogue – just click on the logo below. weekly photo challenge logo


36 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – dialogue

  1. You got dialogues in dialogue in this one! All this chatter and non verbal communication is wonderful to observe. Well shot! That must be the the long lens on your camera helping you out? 😉

    • Hi there, Chris …. in Sweden we are not allowed to take portrait image without asking for permission – so rightly my long lens is a blessing – the other the day I took images on our farmer market – on stacks of egg … and I was told off. All images here is taken with my new camera. Thanks for your support

      • So you are one of the paparazzi now? 🙂 The only time I was not allowed to take a picture was at a car boot sale in France in Normandy. I took a close up of bottles of scent and the guy came after me to get my digital photo removed ! I still wonder why!!! Again, great pictures!

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