weekly photo challenge – selfie

This is the easiest subject so far for me – because I have only taken one photo of myself with something digital. Or the only one I have taken that can be publish here. *smile

It’s my profile photo that I have used for many years. Of course there is a man, romance and a massive bouquet of pink roses involved in this photo. ‘I had to crop the photo a bit, because I have sold the copyright and the money I spent on a fantastic holiday in New Orleans.

I took the photo of my lips with the rose petal to make “a thank you card” to the man in question had returned to Boston.

With help from my bathroom mirror and my Nokia E65, and some juggling about, I got this photo.

A very appreciated gesture – so appreciated that my photo is blown up, framed and now hanging at a lawyer office in Boston for anyone that visit to admire. *smile

Once again, John – Thanks for the 32 roses and the 32 days, that will always be in my RAM. Here is your favorite song one more time;  Bed of roses – Bon Jovi.

thank you framed

“The fragrance always stays
in the hand that gives the rose.”
George William Curtis

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78 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – selfie

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    • Suzanne, thanks for your lovely comment – the story has been told before, but that is about a year ago.
      At least it was hanging – some years now back. while I lived in Belfast. But he is still single – I have to ask him. We still email each other now and then. And he follows my blog.

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    • Janet, thank you so much – I have told the story before … won a photo challenge here on WP with it.
      I suppose there is a story to tell behind every photo – we take.
      I think I had seen to many Magnum commericals. *smile

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  5. This photograph is what drew me into your world so long ago. It is massively creative and so romantic and sensual! Love it !

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    • Rosy hug is just great. Yes, it’s a truly lovely story, but most of my romances has been lovely, short and intense this was, only 32 days – but he are so lovely too. I should had gone to Boston when he asked me. One of the things I regret in life.

  10. This is one of the best selfies I’ve ever seen, my dear Viveka! 🙂
    Love the story behind it and would like to see the office where this picture is hanging (and of course the guy, hehehe). xo 🙂

    • Dia, a fantastic romance … and a fantastic man. 32 days on clouds. *laughing.
      Still single, maybe I should put Boston on my bucket – very nice city .. been there a couple of times before his time. But some memories are best to be left untouched. *smile Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      • Very true, some memories should not be touched.
        I’ve been to Boston many, many years ago and I loved it.
        Well, you know, when we win our lottery and go on the cruise from Southhampton to NY with the QE2 some day, we might add a trip to Boston. What do you think? 😉

      • Boston is a brilliant city … very classy and posh – the have a very tough high society there, not easy to be expected, but I don’t have to worry about that *smile
        Of course we will, but I think they sail out terrible Dover those days. And I will arrive with empty suitcases to London .. and shop until I drop before going aboard. *smile Will buy the suitcases too. *smile Dia, we can add what ever we want when we go on that trip. *smile

      • Have been looking too … for £1,049pp – flight back to UK and 2 nights in NYC. Not bad … don’t have to win on lottery to do that. Depature 15.11.

      • In the old days the Transatlantic cruise was only just before Cristmas and they are all ways fully booked. I like NYC in Christmas light.
        About £1499 for the same cruise in June.

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    • Thanks, Chris … yes, this is my favorite photo of them all – but only for the story behind it. And I like because it’s the pental this in focus and not my lips. I dare to say that behind every moment we capture with our camera .. there is a story to tell. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  13. Well Viveka, I should have known you’d have a wonderful response on this one! Interestingly I never realized you had a rose petal in your teeth until now! LOL Great response and my smile for the day!

    • Tina, many has asked through the years what it’s what I have between my lips … so you are not alone.
      Beccause I have sold the copyright – I had to crop the picture a bit … but it made it even more intresting, because it’s not perfect. As you know, Tina .. there is a story behind all photos. *smile

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  16. Ah I remember the very romantic post where you featured this shot!! 😀 What a story! And what can be more perfect for this challenge? I stayed this one out 🙂

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