capture yours 365 – secured

With me being an old sea dog … the subject “secured” means sails, boats, ropes, engines, vessels, lifeboats, ships, moorings and anchor.

An anchor let the ship drift a little bit, but still hold it’s firm and strong. This photo means secured in more than one way: the anchor that keeps the ship secured and there the anchor in itself is secured.

The photo I took last spring in May, when the beautiful tall ship, Götheborg, was visiting Landskrona on her journey to France. Spent hours abroad – and my little camera liked everything I put it against.

“Götheborg” is a hand built replica of an 18th-century Swedish East Indiaman. It is the world’s largest operational wooden sailing vessel. The original sank off Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1745. The hull was launched in 2003, and the rig was fully tested for the first time in 2005.


“To reach a port, we must sail – sail,
not tie at anchor – sail, not drift.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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18 thoughts on “capture yours 365 – secured

  1. I like ships – and Götheborg always reminds me of my days at Volvo – but I don’t think I would want to travel on a sail boat on long journeys. Beautiful picture and perfect for the daily theme given.
    Yes, I like Enya a lot. Haven’t heard anything new from her in ages. You?
    Sleep tight and sweet dreams, my dear xo 🙂

    • Enya hasn’t released any album since 2008 – but when you mention Volvo I can tell you that … – Enya’s single “Only Time” was used by Volvo Trucks for their commercial starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, released in November. Sleep tight and be careful with your dreams.

    • Colleen, you know that I don’t think any sailor can cut of the band we have to the ocean. It will always be there in our veins. Thanks for your sweet words.

  2. I was just going to say that I bet you have some great photos of her, but I just saw that there’s a link to the post 🙂 I LOVE Tall Ships and this is such a great shot, Vivi. Big hug!

    • Jo, thank your all the nice comment you done to my photos …. THANK YOU!!!!!! I just love Tall Ships … and especially when are in full sails. I wish Götheborg had been sailing with it’s sails. Stunning view.

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