weekly photo challenge – juxtaposition

Once again I had problems with the challenge’s subject – and when I started to look through my photo folders, I didn’t real have a clear idea about what my view should be on the subject; Juxtaposition. A word I never have come across before and honestly I can hardly pronounce it. *smile
Then my thought went back to both Chicago and NYC that both are cities full of contrasts side by side.

So I started looking through my NYC folders first, because that is what has happened last … and there it was – my first day in NYC … Grand Central Terminal and The Met Life, former Pan Am building, Grand Central opened in 1871 and Met Life in 1963.

So I took the easy way out this week – not much thinking outside the box, but I really like the photo in itself.grand central & met life

I but I have played around with juxtaposition when it’s about my choice of music cloud – Samuel Barber’s, Adagio for Strings, Op.11, that was finished in 1936 and first performed in 1938. Which the Dutch DJ Tiësto released his trance version of in 2005. Here in a remake by the British DJ James Dymond.

“Well, I know, after all,
it is only juxtaposition,
Juxtaposition, in short;
and what is juxtaposition?”
Arthur Hugh Clough

Why not join the challenge or check out all the other juxtapositons, Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition


58 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – juxtaposition

    • Scott, thank you so much – not a trance fan, but this I really like … of course being Swedish, I have Swedish House Maffia in my blood.
      But it’s a photo challenge. *laughter.

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    • Connie, I know … didn’t have a clue what to look for – hadn’t even heard or read the word before – but it I manage.
      Thanks for being so supportive.

    • Maralee, tell me about it … never heard the word before – but it’s fun to see what others has come up with – my entry is very safe … but I like the photo.

  2. Well done, Vivi 🙂 I know the word but I don’t think I’ve ever used it in conversation! Lots of people whose first language is English would struggle with this. But you’re no quitter! Have a happy, painfree week. Huge hug! 🙂

    • With a little bit of help from Google – I manage to get my head around the challenge. Very intersting word and very confussing too.
      Still up to wait for my freezer to defrost … soon there.
      Had a good day today .. and have some new medicine to collect tomorrow. So we hope for the best. Middle of the night hug.

  3. Great one! I thought about it a long time too ! Fabulous song! I could listen all night ! Tried to find the Energy Box Mental asylum Live stream to purchase !

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    • Tina, can find your comment in the “Notifications” – for some reason, I I have to replay here. Thank you so much for your kind suppport of my entry. This was a hard one. *smile

    • Noeleen, thank you so much!!! It wasn’t the easiest of challengers and hard to find a suitable quote too. I love this one – because it mirrors exactly who I feel after doing this post.

    • Rob, glad you like the music – you suprise me, but on the other hand I normally don’t like this kind of music, but this remink I really like. So that must mean that we are still very young at heart! *smile

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