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… I am leaving today – together with my half blind best friend, Anna-Liisa and my sorry ass.
Leaving for New York, all in style and first class with British Airways. A BIiIiIiiIG thank you to BA for this treat.

We will leave Landskrona about 07.24am with train to Copenhagen’s Airport, Kastrup. After a nice breakfast at Kastrup … 10.40am we will board British Airways flight BA0813 for London Heathrow, terminal 5.

I hope there will be time for us to claim our prize lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, before it’s time to board next plane – otherwise we have to take it on the way back. Also we just have to buy  one twin pack of champagne. London’s airports use to have great offers.

4pm our flight BA0113 will depart hopefully and 6.40pm we will land at JFK …. and there a pre-booked luxury Sedan Service, to the fantatic price $138 return (stretched limo isn’t my thing) – will take us one hour later to our hotel, Westin Grand Central on 212 E 42nd Street.
10pm will we have a light evening snack and a glass of champagne at The Smith, 956 2nd Ave and the adventure has got a good kick start.

Tomorrow we will wake up early, jet lag – go for a light breakfast somewhere, maybe at Grand Central and after that start our 1 hour long walk down to 9/11 memorial, something I really look forward too. Would have loved to visit on my birthday, 9th of September .. but is it closed for the public then, only invite.
1.30pm, will we have a great and upmarket Sunday brunch at North End Grill at 104 North End Ave in Battery Park – of course there will be a drink or two, at least one Mojito.

In the evening are we going to go all American … at Virgil’s BBQbetween Broadway and 6th Avenue. Have my eye on their’s Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich or Texas Beef Brisket, to be followed by some of their cheese cakes.

Monday, if the weather is on our side – we will do Central Park. Believe it or not – been in NYC at least 10 times and never been to Central Park. In the evening we are going all trendy and chic at DUO Restaurant & Lounge, 72 Madison Ave and hopefully have a drink with the young man that fixed our hotel stay to a such fantastic price, Scott.

So far this is all …. that is planned – and hopefully we will not get any rain on us the first day – but Monday looks so far soaking wet and rest of the stay looks a bit iffy, even if there is plenty sunshine in the picture every day.

Some on our do-it note we have The High Line, Dag Hammarskjöd’s Plaza, Chelsea Market and I would love to go up in Empire State Building in the dusk, just for a photographic moment.

Rain or sunshine, New York be prepared … we will be landing soon.

“Start spreading the news
I am leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

These vagabond shoes
They are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it
New York, New York

I want to wake up in that city
That doesn’t sleep
And find I’m king of the hill
Top of the heap

My little town blues
They are melting away
I gonna make a brand new start of it
In old New York

If I can make it there
I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you
New York, New York

New York, New York
I want to wake up in that city
That never sleeps
And find I’m king of the hill
Top of the list
Head of the heap
King of the hill

These are little town blues
They have all melted away
I am about to make a brand new start of it
in old New York

And If I can make it there
You know, I’m gonna make it practically anywhere
It’s up you ….
New York, New York, New York”

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66 thoughts on “start spreading the news

  1. Wivi, have a wonderful time in New York. Although when visiting friends in Connecticut that I flew in and out of JFK, I only spent a day in NYC itself, and I admit I fell in love with the place. That was March 2002, and sadly, I’ve not been back since.

    I hope to be heading back to Vancouver in March, and I hope to book the flight on Tuesday. See what they say at the hospital on Tuesday, but I’m not expecting any problems.

    As I say, have a good time, and Central Park is lovely (I went in a horse drawn carriage through the park with my Connecticut friends, both Lawyers). Enjoy yourself over there, and speak to you soon.

      • Thanks, Barry … time for returning home – it has been a fantastic stay and the weather was been just brilliant.
        Feet are sore and bankaccount empty. n
        I hope that you will be able to do your trip to Vancouver next year … I also read about your problems and that you’re doing some kind of surgery, I hope for all my heart that everything will turn out for the best for you.
        Lots of warm thoughts, Barry

      • I thought more about what my consultant at the hospital said. Basically, as it stands, its not urgent, though I will eventually have to get the right ear operated on. I fully intend to be on that plane to either Vancouver (YVR) or Seattle (SEA), making the 150 mile journey to Vancouver by land. I’m also considering flying from Belfast to Newark, New Jersey (EWR), and stopping off in New York, and getting the Metro train to New Haven, Connecticut to pay friends there a “flying” visit. But nothing will be decided until October 22nd when I go back to the hospital. I personally don’t see any problems with me going to Vancouver, but I need to hear that from the doctors. If however, they decide to operate ASAP, then it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to go in March.

        Anyway, glad to know you had a good time in New York. Välkommen hem. 🙂

      • I truly hope that you will get your operation so soon as possible – but I can understand that flying can be a problem. Ears and flying isn’t a great combination.
        I took the Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver – but I should have taken the later train .. because if was so foggy in the morning, didn’t see anything of the coastline that is so stunningly beautiful.
        Tusen tack för dina rara tillrop och keep me posted about your ears and opeation, please.

  2. hey Viveka, have a great time in NYC … autumn in NY! have been there twice but never in the fall 🙂 looking forward to your photos and stories, keep safe always!

    advance Happy Birthday to you, and may the good Lord give your hearts desires always …

  3. Looks like you’ve done your research. If I had known I would have been happy to act as a tour guide! I hope you have a great time!

    • If you I knew that you wanted to be our guide … I would taken the offer. I love the planning of my travel and I always do research – I promise that we will have a great time. Do you live in NYC??? In that case I would love to meet up with you. *smile

  4. Have an amazing time Viveka and a fantastic birthday, may you dispel all of those negative attachments and make it the most memorable you’ve ever had! Ah New York, you lucky lady you 🙂

    • Thanks a million … had the best Danish check-in girl today at Kastrup, she really made our day … just a wonderful personality.
      Just now in London … waiting for the last boarding. *smile

  5. Woo Hoo!! Have an awesome time, both of you. I wish I was there to meet up with you and do that walk down to the 9/11 memorial. I haven’t seen it yet. That pulled pork sandwich sounds really good. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Safe travels and hugs to you. xx

    • Ad, sitting here in London now … excellent so far. Trying to catch some handsome airline captain with my camera, but they are like butterflies … one minute here … next gone. *smile
      I will take plenty of photos of the memorial for you.
      Loads of posts will come out this trip.
      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

    • Thank you so much … just having some hours of relaxed people watching at Heathrow – never seen this much people on a terminal before, is nobody working ???

  6. Viveka, This all sounds just wonderful. Have a great time. I hope you post lots of photos – especially the memorial. Best of health & all to you 🙂

    • Noeleen, I start taking photos here on Heathrow Airport in London, but far too much to take in … massive, got stressed for everything to see and all the people, not like me. Got some. 2 hours left for the finale flight. The adventure has started. Thank you so much for the kind wishes.

    • Wendy, I will think about you … when I walk the streets around our hotel. Wendy, thank you so much … promise that I will do anything for us to have a brilliant stay. My grandma always said that “you will not get more fun than what you make it to yourself. I will make plenty. *smile

  7. Oh dear Viveka, everything sounds so exciting and beautiful, I am impatient to see your photographs 🙂 Have a nice Birthday and enjoy, enjoy, and bring us so many photographs 🙂 I am singing now this unforgetable song, New York New York… Bon voyage my dear lady, Viveka! Thanks and Love, nia

    • Bob, thank you so much … just now relaxing on London Heathrow. So fare brilliant service, expect the hostess on the train from Sweden to Denmark, she had a bad hair day. *smile
      Have tried to take photos here on Terminal 5 – but far too much people and too many objects, got stressed. *smile Trying to catch some handsome airline captains … but they are in such rush home. *

    • Hi there, been in NYC before and done th subway … with my friend having bad sight – we will use our legs so much as possible this time.
      I would never like to live in NYC – a melting pot, but brilliant for a couple of days.
      Betty, thank you so much …. and I will come back with great posts.
      On Heathrow London just now.

  8. Bon voyage! Enjoy your time in NYC. And PLEASE, please! Make sure you do go to Central Park. And if you happen to go in The Plaza, give Eloise my best regards. I love that child. : )

    • Thanks, Heather …. tomorrow Central Park, but The Plaza – I don’t think so … Eloise, may I ask who may that be.
      Today a long walk over 200 blocks down to the 9/11 memorail, so beautiful done … and I found out that it’s a Swedish company that is building the new World Trade … and the subway.
      My POOoOOOoOOOoOoor feet.

      • Eloise is a character in a “children’s” book written in the 1950s. The book was called “Eloise” and it was all about a little girl (fictional) who lives in The Plaza hotel. They have a portrait of her there and I think an Eloise Suite. I have most of the books and find them hilarious.

  9. Oh my, you have every detail planned out! Thought I was bad 🙂
    Have the time of your life Viveka! Will be waiting to hear all about it when you return.

      • Today has been a tough day on the old feets – walked from 42nd – to “Ground Zero” in +28C and burning sunshine. Very inc of this body is aching now – but worth it. They have done a fantastic job with the 9/11 memorial. So glad I have seen it now.
        Thank you so much, Madhu – NYC is very special, but Chicago still on top. *smile

    • The brunch today didn’t happen … found another spot … a little yacht harbour on Manhattan, with a nice restaurant – so first thing that hasn’t on .. the bucket list.
      I love the planning.

  10. Happy Birthday one day in advance…! I’ve been terribly occupied with my school start but wouldn’t want to miss out on your Great DAY! I know it will be fabulous and that we will hear a lot about it in photos and writing! Enjoy your stay!

    • Thank you so much … it has been a great visit – no style travelling, I had misunderstood that, but it was free anyhow.
      Camera and feet overworked and underpaid. My camera stopped working for a couple of hours … gave it a dash in the back in it started to work again. Nearly got a heart attact, but back in business.
      Loads to tell and loads to show. Flying back home this evening. Back in Sweden Friday 13th.

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