nyc in random order

So this is me back …. home, with 1200 photos and great memories. Still not a big lover of NYC – but it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world and will always be. Don’t to have love it – to love the pulse, noise, lights. endless opportunities and the grandness of the city. And all that the city offers of just everything for everyone – there is a NYC for all of us.

Found NYC very clean, friendly and helpful – not at all as I left my last visit – 13 years ago. And nobody walking around with cigarettes in their hands. Loads of police presents but I like that. Taxis are still happy yellow, but smaller in models  with the same always miserable drivers.

on the roof

My greatest moment must be when I notice that it’s a Swedish company that is main builder and contractor of  the Freedom Tower (new World Trade Center) and also the subway system below, SKANSKA.

The weather was just fantastic and at times a bit too hot for my private comfort – had planed to go up into the Empire State building in the dusk on Wednesday, but the heat was just too much for me.

Have so much to write about …. and so many photos to work my way through, so I just have very quickly made a gallery of how I looked at New York. I have put the gallery in random order, to make the gallery more interesting – just like NYC.  So none of you will get the same gallery.

“Each man reads his own meaning into New York”
Meyer Berger

58 thoughts on “nyc in random order

  1. Welcome home Viveka! The gallery is a wonderful start to sharing your NYC experience. I hope the trip was everything you had hoped for. I’m looking forward to the rest of your stories and pictures.

    • Thanks, Colleen – I had a brilliant time … my feet is so sore, my sorry ass … didn’t come along – don’t know why it changed its mind, but I was pleased it did *laughing.
      The problem is that I don’t know where to start … maybe day by day … have to give it some thinking.
      Great to be home … and back!

  2. I did love NYC… a bit overwhelming for this bush boy.. but yet everything I expected of it.. we where there in early 2002 and I enjoyed every bit of it except the yellow cabs, after just one ride I told the family “from now on I walk or grab a train”, but a yellow cab never again… I love the photos you have shared and look forward to many more posts on your last trip… lovely…

    • Yellow cab drivers are the most ignorant people I ever met and they still are – so glad we booked a private sedan for the airport transfer. Used them 2 times .. because of the heat – and we were out of track from the subway.
      Still the same – always been like that.
      I truly enjoy NYC too, but I don’t love it …
      Thanks for your faithful support, Bob!

  3. I love the sign, raise the baby in an apartment. Also all of a sudden I got a craving for grilled asparagus!!!! so glad you are back and safe and that you had a good time. love ya Vivi!!!

    • Terry, I felt very safe … and the travel went back, but it’s was long … Yes, I found the sign down by the The High Line Park … great one.
      Fresh grilled asparagus, I understand your craving. *smile
      Great to be back home again – 5 days just perfect for NYC. Still loads I would love to have done, but ..

  4. I love the randomness of the photos. It truly represents NYC. Welcome back. Yeah last week was very hot and I think you left before the storm hit the Northeast. Welcome back.

    • Thanks a million, Bebs …. left Thursday – at lunch time the heavy rain and thunder arrived …. but we was packing at the time.
      Yes, I thought that very visitor should have their own view of “my” NYC.

    • Marina, thank you so much …. yes, it was a fantastic way to celebrate my 65th birthday – always try to get away somewhere over my birthday. This year NYC felt the only place to be.

  5. Hi Viveka! my sister lives in New York right now, soon as I get my paperwork ready I plan to fly on down to say hello with my daughter 🙂 seeing these pictures though, makes me want to go even more lol

  6. I think I forgot to say Happy Birthday. If I did… Happy Birthday (belated)! Great overview of the trip. You captured so many of NYC various faces. It amazes me sometimes how that can all be happening in one city. Glad it was a good experience and I bet you are also a little happy to be back in your own world. xx

    • Yes, I’m glad to be back in my own world, that is a big tired today – did all the laundry this morning, but I’m struggling to keep away.
      So true, Wendy – there is NYC for everyone and we all will look at it differently.
      My birthday was burning hot (Wednesday) with +93 – spent on Chelsea Market and The High Line Park, evening a great meal at Blue Water Grill.

  7. Welcome back, dear Viveka!
    I must have misunderstood something – I thought you’d be back this coming week…
    Cool pictures! Can’t wait to see and hear more. Was your sorry a… ok?
    Big hug xo 🙂

    • Dia, funny enough my sorry a.. didn’t want to come along – and I was quite happy over that …. but instead the sore feet decided to with me. *smile – but I never gave into them *smile
      The first day I walked from 42nd street down to the 9/11 Memorial – must have been 60 blocks.
      Great to be back home … and I got my green mascara.

      • Yeah!!! Congratulations – your sorry a. stayed at home. I am so happy for you. My thoughts were with you and I hoped your wonderful trip wouldn’t be ruined from health issues.
        Green mascara – yessss 🙂 Please take a picture. I will post green nail polish shortly… 😉 xo

      • Of course I will …. the girl that helped me gave me the wrong color – a seventh sense told me to open the box and there is was in purple – so I had to look through every box and they had one #4 left – I would had gone mental if I had come home with purple instead of green.
        Bought it at Sephora – brand name is Make Up For Ever. YSL did one before. Lovely deep green color.

      • You know, that was what I thought … Dia would have love the purple. How strange that you don’t have Sephora ??? I don’t think we have it in Sweden and UK neither. You have to get it in France.

      • I was introduced to Sephora in Paris – in those days the whole shop was arranged into colors – just like a candy store, they have big section at a department store in Copenhagen.

    • Photo of me in the green mascara … don’t think it will show on photo even. *smile
      Thanks for your support about my random gallery – to be honest, I don’t really know how or where with my posts about NYC – so much to share.

  8. Michael K Healey- it sends chills!
    Loved my random gallery, Viveka. Now I want to see everyone else’s 🙂 Top picks- crab cakes and the yachts. If I can only have one, I’ll take the yacht 🙂
    It’s hug time!

    • Michael K Healey, was a lieutenant with the New York City fire department’s Squad No. 41 in the Bronx. He was last seen in the south tower, and his remains were never found.
      The crab cake was just delicious – we had lunch in that little marina that we just found by chance walking back from the 9/11 Memorial along the riverfront. It’s called Brookfield Plaza.

      • Yes, the morning of the remembering … there was a young girl that read up 10 names and after she sent a message to her father, also a fire man … she could have only been 2-3 years old when he didn’t come home – she broke down in tears. My heart just burst.

    • Frank, enjoy your break ….. I surely enjoyed mine. The ice cream was great, but not so good as Mövenpick’ *smile – you’re right … not time was wasted – long hot days and pleasant great evenings, the nights I was sleeping. *smile … See you soon.

      • Great that you enjoyed it. I searched Mövenpick, but it’s not available in the US, but it would be interesting to do a side-by-side taste challenge. 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

      • Frank, next time you come to Europe … you have to try it. The only ice cream that The Savoy Hotel in London, buy in .. because they can’t manage to make a better vanilla ice cream themselves.
        Had a fantastic time. *smile

  9. Happy you are home safely and had an enjoyable trip. SKANSKA is a contractor name I have even seen in Michigan. And what is more, I have recently discovered Gevallia decaf coffee which I LOVE.

    • Gevalia, you’re making me worried – the worst coffee … we have *smile – but our biggest brand.
      SKANSKA has really gone global the last 10 years – good for them … Had a brilliant trip, trying to recover slowly … still unpacking and washing … and trying to go through all my photos. *smile

    • A-C, not easy to find music to suits NYC, but what I understand was this piece written with NYC in thoughts.
      Great to be back in the rain and the wind.
      It was very warm over there, on my birthday it was +33. Too hot for my comfort. I don’t love NYC, but it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world and I enjoyed it.

  10. So you’re back from your visit to the Big Apple! Fabulous pics, and I so agree with you about those miserable taxi drivers, but I guess I wouldn’t like their job, especially in the heat. Love that Manhattan Mini-Storage ad. It made me smile. 🙂 Mmmm….. crab cakes! So much to see and eat in NYC. Great pics, Viveka.

    • Yes, it’s an amazing city …. even if I don’t love it as such – I enjoy visiting! Had a fantastic time …
      No excuse to being miserable when you have a service job – they are always like that .. doesn’t matter what time of the year and in what weather .. ignorant too, but this NYC! The crab cakes was wonderful .. never had cakes with that much crab meat in before. We had a fantastic time – only one evening that the restaurant was a joke, but the little food we got was very tasty, so the chefs knew their job. *smile Thanks for supporting my gallery.

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