“when snaps go down, the wit goes out.”

Yesterday was Midsummer Eve and it was my first day outside the bed for a couple of days – came down with a bad cold on Monday that went from worst to worst. Nothing so bad as a cold in the summer. My whole body as aching and I had high fever, so I stayed put in bed – just sleeping and watching movies.

Midsommar_svenskaturistforeningen se

So Midsummer Eve, I woke up and felt ready for a bit of celebration on my own –pickled herring I eat, but I don’t feel an urge for it …. If it’s offered I eat it I enjoy it. Something I very seldom buy myself. And I will never do my own neither, just do too many tons during my chef apprentice. Tons and tons.

Matjessill, I think something we have heritage from the Netherlands, but we use sugar in our in our mariande. Something I never done myself – so long as I have been a chef is that a product that most restaurants buy readymade. And for Midsummer they buy in by the lorry – something you can’t be without for Midsummer.

matjessill ingredients page

Normally it’s just cut up and served with all the other different kinds of pickled herrings we stuff ourselves with  for 3 days. We eat herrings with hardboiled eggs, sour cream and finely chopped red onion mixed with chives and of course the ice cold “nubbe” – the spiced vodka shots.
You can read all about that in yesterday post – the blooming time now come with great joy and beauty.

Since a couple of years I do mine in foil and in the oven. Based on a very old recipe made with salted herring – my grandma always did in wet newspaper on fire embers in her Aga stove.

parcel page

Warm Matjessill with butter, dill and potatoes, serves 4
10 boiled potatoes
4 hardboiled eggs
1 red onion, finely chopped
chopped fresh dill – I used frozen
4 matjessill filets – can be bought at IKEA
75g (2.64oz) butter – shaved

1. Slice the peeled boiled potatoes. Chop the boiled eggs, red onion and dill.
2. Grease 4 foil pieces in the base. Lay the potatoes, full filet of Matjessill, egg, dill and butter. Before sealing the foil parcel top the shaved butter with some freshly ground black peppe.
3. Fold together the foil and put them on the BBQ for about 10 min or in the oven at 200C/390F for 10 min.
4. Serve with ice cold “nubbe” (snaps)

before and after

I even put a little snaps bottle in the freezer together with a wet shot glass – because if it’s Midsummer, then its Midsummer and I thought maybe it will do my cold some good. When you poor vodka that has been in the freezer for at least 6 hours it’s thick as oil. Taste great when that cold and it goes down it heats up the body very pleasantly. I drink mineral water with mine, but the professionals drink beer.
Only time I drink alcohol on my own is New Year’s Day’s breakfast, when I have my champagne and Eggs Benedict… and Midsummer Eve with the “nubbe”, about only ONE!

ready to eat page

I like those mini bottle – we can now buy packs of 4-8 50ml (1.7fl oz) bottles of mixed aquavits, just a brilliant idea.
Every guest can get their own little bottle and everyone will get a different aquavit. Good for me that I don’t have to keep a big bottle of it, that never will be finished.

svenska_nubbar - .primasnaps se

We were luck here in Landskrona this year – not one drop of rain during the whole day and evening, so the police and emergency services was so busy – could hear them going from early evening and during the whole night. Too much “nubbe”. It always goes out of hand; flights, rape … and accidents.

We always sing a very short silly song, snaps visa – with ever shot we take – the more shots the better we sings, but I didn’t sing while having mine on the sunny balcony, didn’t want to spoil the evening for my neighbors. And I total forgotten to make myself a garland for my hair, next year. Still I had a pleasant evening there in the evening sun with my freezing “nubbe”.

warm matjessill frame

“When snaps go down, the wit goes out.”
Swedish proverb

Please, don’t ask about this silly song – our oldest snaps visa – the lyrics don’t make any sense at all – but what does when drink alcohol???!!! We sing first and then we empty the shot glass.

nubbe page

Midsommar photo and snaps mini bottles provided by and thanks to; svenskaturistforeningen.se & primasnaps.se

50 thoughts on ““when snaps go down, the wit goes out.”

  1. Loved the drinking singalong, Viveka. Beautiful voices and so jolly. 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling much better. Colds are awful nuisances, aren’t they? 😦

    • Yes, colds is something I could be without … especially in the summer, they hang around for so mush longer. *smile
      Colds loves hot weather … flue loves cold weather.
      Have a great weekend.

  2. What a delicious creation and it looks wonderfully simple. We’ll pick some herring up from IKEA next time we go. Reminds me of crayfish parties in Finland – the silly songs and the vodka 😉

  3. I’ve got that warm feeling this morning, Viveka- must be the schapps! No, joking- it was red wine for me, but I must try this trick with the freezer. Your herring looks very tasty but Saturday is my lazy, “won’t cook” day. Except “brunch”. The boys go to the Chinese for teatime. The sun is struggling through and I’m off soon to walk through the park to zumba. Take care, hon. 🙂

    • Good Morning – slept well last night – must have been the “nubbe” – no sunshine here today – good, becasue today will I visit my cyperworld. The rain is hanging up there.

      Have a great day … and I could have done with a zumba hour too. *smile

  4. Happy to be sharing your celebration Viveka. I bet lyrics don’t matter when you combine beer with vodka 😀 Take care and stay well.

  5. Hope you continue to feel better. I had a cold and fever this month too…it stayed around in one form or another for most of the month (I still get coughing fits).

    Thank you for the fun insights into the Swedish culture. Always fun to learn something new. The recipe sounds good. Hubby and I have been discussing adding fish back into our diet.

    • Fish is good for you and your brain first of all.
      I don’t know if you have read from my posts that my mom passed away here in the beginning of the month and I haven’t been blogging very much … so much going on around that too.
      But I feel great in all that – and I remember and think about her with a smile every day.

      I love that video .. so fun and so spot on.

      • I was just reading it when you commented. Very moving and emotional…so full of love.

      • … mom wanted so badly to leave life … for months now – and I couldn’t ask her to stay any longer. Her fight is over now.

  6. Glad you were out of bed finally, and feeling better.

    I may “try” the pickled herring if you serve it to me …. but…. I think we have SO many other dishes to try we’ll just forgo that one. 🙂

  7. Please don’t ask you about the song? How can I NOT?!! It’s so funny 🙂 And yes, nothing makes sense when you sip it with alcohol!

    • Thanks, Linda … cold is over now – only the funeral on Friday and then I hope things will be back to normal.
      Thanks for your concern.

  8. Hope you fell better Viveka! I thought they empty the shot glass (many) first then they sing! Then that’s when they no longer make sense. Have a great week!

    • My cold is gone now, thank you …. no, we sing first and then the snaps/shot … we are bit funny at times – we Swedes, becuase the songs in is about drinking the snaps.

  9. So sorry to hear about your getting ill, Viveka. This bad cold seems to be in season even here. I love the way you observe the Midsummer Eve out there. I was so busy I hardly noticed this pretty interesting celebration last week. So you also eat pickled herring at this time of the year. Over here, the Dutch celebrated the arrival of the new herring which compared to yours which is pickled, here it is raw and salted, cleaned only and served with chopped onions and pickles. 😉

    • Malou, we eat pickled herring every festival time .. good reason to get some snaps down the hatch. *smile During the summer we eat more herrings … because of the new potatoes.
      But mostly for a good excuss for getting a reason to drink snaps.

    • You’re so funny! You can use salmon and it will come out delicious – glad you like snaps – it’s very good for heart and blood once in a while too.

    • It’s because of my visitors like you .. I put a little afford into my posts.
      Thank you so much for your kind and sweet words, it makes me try even a bit harder.

      • I love it! It’s now one of my regular stomping grounds. I’m sorry my website isn’t more musical. Maybe you could suggest some songs as you browse. 🙂

      • You know the music for my posts has been my trademark for a while now and I think I’m alone doing it the way I do – I just look over the net for songs about the subject I doing the post – then I search on soundcloud for a good track, sometimes the songs are not good enough or not to be found – and I have to pick up another lead from the post. Sometimes I know what track I want already. I have also entered my own tracks to soundcloud, but it’s tricky because of the copyright, but a few I have manage to publish.

      • They ARE your trademark, Viveka. I tried doing it to a few of my posts after being inspired by you, but it takes so long to find the right song, and on top of writing the posts and processing the photos, I just don’t have that much time! 🙂

      • Marsha, I would say that finding the right music takes sometimes longer time then doing the post and fixing the photos.

      • Thanks for the link – what a fantastic world I landed in … beautiful … and very interesting. … love the way he has presented the coins with the photos of the real flower – amazing. I will follow him for sure.

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