weekly photo challenge; companionable

I would love to have a pet again; cat or a dog, a beautiful companion … somebody that always welcomes me home … doesn’t matter how long I been gone – to the corner shop for 15 min or 15 days travelling. But because my urge for travelling is such big part of my life still – I don’t think it fair to have a pet so long as I travel as I do.

So what is companionable for me then – of course there is many things I could use for this challenge – but I don ‘t want to publish faces of my friends … how interesting can it be to publish photos of my Garmin??? Music is very companionable for me and so is my little smart netbook, but neither gives me a kick for this challenge.

But I have my shoes and handbags – that I use every day, so what could me more companionable for me. Also because I don’t think a woman can have a better company than a great handbag and good pair of shoes.

In January this I published a post about my aunt Thea that was the main reason for my passion for shoes and handbags.  it has to match– where some of the photos were was used. There is not much artistic thinking behind the photos or any deeper thoughts neither. Did it just all for fun.

“Good taste is as tiring as good company.”
Francis Picabia

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70 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge; companionable

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    • Thanks, no it’s all done from my kitchen table – not much artistic thinking behind those shots.
      Well dressed, thank you … not every day, even if I match – but I love to dress up for the occasion.

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  4. I see those shoes and that purse that I dream about. I just love that photo!!! Would love to see you all dolled up in these! You would be more beautiful than you already are

    • Terry, thank you so much …. I wish I could be a bit dolled up everyday too – like when I was working … maybe I should dress up a little bit more than I do today. Have so much to chose from … thank you so much for your lovely words.

    • Yes, they are …. bought them on sale for £10 – and the matching handbag I found on ebay in US for £30 – in the summer I love to wear olive green … especially in combination with orange.

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  6. Great take on this…I knew you had great taste! Just back from London today – nothing smart bought, just books…July is coming up soon! Somewhere around the 15-19? So looking forward to it!

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  8. Shoes are one of those things either you love them or not. I am not that worried about them, as long as they are comfortable, I am very happy. I don’t have many shoes, but I do love the ones I have.

    • I love my shoes and have far too many, should have been one of those bugs with 1000 feet. *smile
      A pair of comfortable shoes and a great handbag that have space for everything – is the best companions there is.

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