sunday spicy leftovers – salmon with coriander dhal

main dish close up

Not a big fan of Indian food … far too hot for me most of the times, otherwise nothing wrong with it – so I have to make dishes that is adapted to us with Nordic souls and taste buds.

This recipe had I for years and totally forgotten about it – picked up from somewhere when I lived in Belfast. If there is anywhere they have great Indian food is’t in United Kingdom, when it’s good – it’s excellent … and when it’s bad – we don’t want to talk about it. This dish have I only made at home.

salmon dahl page

So on Sunday (a week ago) I felt for salmon and once again – I had everything need for this dish at home. Even the coriander, which is a bit unusual for me. It never last – fresh herbs and me we don’t add up at all. Forgotten that I had to buy the naan bread and I went for a flavored one – sweet chili and lemon, great choice. Just pick whole in the package and put into the micro – 1 min later – soft and nice smelling naan bread.

salmon dahl page 2

Salmon with coriander dhal, serves 2
75 g (3/8 cup) red lentils
400ml (14.5 ounce) chicken stock
1 small onion, grated
2 tomatoes, chopped
½ tsp turmeric
1 tsp garma masala, puls extra for the salmon
pinch of chilli flakes
small bunch of fresh coriander, chopped
2 x 150g (2 x 5.3 oz)salmon fillets, skinned
groundnut oil or sunflower oil

1. Mix 7 first ingredients in a pan and bring to a simmer, cover and cook for 20 min until the lentils are tender. Stir in the coriander.
2. Rub the salmon with oil, seasoning and a little garma masala. I  always mix the oil and the garma masala together (thick paste) and brushed on to the fillet. Grill for 6-7 minutes until just cooked, allow it to be pink in the middle.
3. Break the salmon into large chunks and gently stir through the dahl.

Served with basmati rice and naan bread. I used long corn rice here, don’t have cupboard space to stock different kinds of rice.


Now a couple of advice related to this dish:
1. Never cook salmon all way through – leave it a bit pink in the middle, because salmon is an very oily fish and it continues to cook after you have removed it from the heat. Here I put mine in the warm dhal for a couple of minutes to pick up the flavors and it became just perfect and flaky as you can see on the photo above. Nothing worst than overcooked and dry salmon or chicken. Taste like ” The Times” (newspaper).
2. NEVER save boiled rice for the next day. Fluctuation in temperature with boiled rice is a massive hazard and somebody can become violent ill from it. So just dump it and cook fresh the next day.
3. Cooked pasta and rice you can only hold chilled for 24 hours after that any bacterial starts to multiply with rocket speed.
Do know you that most food poisons cases happens in our homes???!!!

So easy and quick, dishes like this has stars in my book. Also nearly no washing up after cooking, event better.  Very tasty spicy without being too over powering. A bit of adopted India in Landskrona on Sunday evening, life is pretty good most days.

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”.
John Walters

pussycat dolls - emoturkey com

This cloud was orignal used in the Oscar winning film ” Slumdog Millionaire”. “Jai Ho” is a song composed by A. R. Rahman. I love Bollywood music, which is so perfect for Zumba dancing.

33 thoughts on “sunday spicy leftovers – salmon with coriander dhal

    • It can be very spicy, but when I cook it myself I can adjust the spices. It’s not something I eat very often, but I enjoy it when I do.

  1. I always learn from you – I had no idea that rice and pasta should not be saved longer than and eaten after 24 hours – oops – good to know!
    Very spicy food is not for me either, probably have the same nordic taste buds you have, my dear 😉
    Is your mum feeling any better? Hold up! Big hug to you xo 🙂

    • Dia, mum is in a bad state .. and she refuse to go to hospital – but we had the nurse here this evening and she got an injection. To be honest I think my mum has given up, at least this evening she did. 91 years old. Hopefully the injection will ease her breathing. Thank you so much for asking, very kind of you.

  2. I can imagine having this for dinner with you! 😉 I hope if we ever have dinner together you are okay with me sitting and watching you cook. I’ll do the dishes. 🙂

    And I hope your Mum is eating. And that you are doing okay.

    • Colleen, mum is on hospital .. she was none responsive this morning. Doesn’t feel great, but a lot better than see her have problems at home. Been at the hospital the whole day. Thanks for your concern.
      You are so welcome for a meal and take BikeBrown with you – deal, I cook … you do the dishes. Like that arrangement. B

      • I am watching your posts and comments. I hope you can feel everyone’s love. I hope your Mamma knows people are thinking about her.

        Does she like music as much as you do? Can she listen to it in the hospital?

      • Colleen, I will let her know … promise. On my way now – have been called for. Only thing is that I have to take a train to the hospital. So this is probably saving my mind just now. Answering comments, but I’m okay so far.

  3. This really looks good… when I Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province of South Africa, I often eat Indian food, they seem to be able to make curries etc that don’t burn holes in your rear end the next day, but are rather full of flavour , warm and excellent… love it, but it seems it is the only province that knows how to do it correctly…

    • I call Indian food .. next day touch down in Tokyo – it really makes you system working and so do this dish. Still I have altered to Swedish taste buds. It’s a fantastic dish and so quick.

    • Uru, I thought you were vegetarian or have I got that wrong too ????? Maybe you eat fish. You’re welcome any evening for a meal. If you bring one of your magical cakes.

  4. That is a strange combination Viveka! Rubbing the Salmon with garam masala sounds great, but not too convinced about mixing it with dhal!! Shall have to try it out for myself. Had to chuckle at your cloud choice….perfect 🙂

    • Madhu, it’s a great dish and for me it work just perfect … can’t handle too hot food. Brilliant dish, but I didn’t rub the salmon .. I mixed oil and garma masala and brushed in all sides of the salmon. get sick if I eat too hot food.

      • The tune is brilliant … but I love Bollywood music, the films can be a bit naff … but I love the costumes, dance and music. So happy and it always make me feel so good.

  5. I am not a big fan either but I love samosas and I like their yellow rice. I could count with my fingers the dishes I like but your photos looks very inviting for one to try.

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