where demand and supply meet

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I joined website called pichit.me last week – a website where we can sell our photos or we can buy photos. PicHit is a meeting point for images and image buyers, PicHit.

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If you want an image for something – a website or commercial or advertising you just tell them what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for the image. If you are the photographer can then answer on the request and if the buyer choose your image they will pay you through a your PayPal account – and Pinchit will take 10% of the payment.
PicHit is a global site – so you chose your country … and they have photo competitions going on all the time too. And of course they have an app for your your smart phone.

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”
Frank Zappa

My cloud is “For the Love of the Money” with  The O’Jays, a group that was formed in Canton, Ohio in 1958. It was first release as a single in 1973. It was also on the soundtrack for the movie “For the Love of the Money” from 2012 but performed by Hit Co.

PicHit - pichit me

Images provided by and thanks to; pichit.me &  mzstatic.com

15 thoughts on “where demand and supply meet

    • I have added 3 photos – will let you know of the outcome – but it’s also a chance to sell photos – great site, but there is many good photos out there.

    • It doesn’t cost anything to join … *smile – and if there is a chance to make some money and get my photos out there, even if they don’t buy mine.

    • It’s mostly blogging .. have Sunday blog free. I don’t read, answer, comment or post. Except blogging – not that much. An hour maybe. 4 hours blogging and reading and answering. Working on my photos .. glad I don’t have a job to do too. *smile

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