a woman in distress …. help!


The race is so, so close this time …. and I need more support for my cute Qutie – and very good photo too at least in my own eyes … so I have to beg you out there, that don’t follow me to have a look at my photo and if you think it’s worth a vote – please do so … on this direct link – only to click “LIKE” – RPC 6th – animals in our life – Quite.

Thank you so much for your support …. and a massive thanks ALL of you that already has voted for Quite.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
Ronald Reagan

Featured image provide by and thanks to: sanjose.com

14 thoughts on “a woman in distress …. help!

      • We’re home in Frankfurt now but leaving for stockholm soon. I hope you are fine my friend and that your photo wins. It’s beautiful

      • I don’t think it will win, but … at least I gave it a true chance.
        Malin, check on my post “life is a piano .. and ask you dear husband to watch it too – something really fantastic – a young composer and pianist living in Norway. I know you will love it.
        Great to hear from you – and I’m sure Stockholm is prepared for you. *smile

    • Karen, I you the president of my fan club *smile .. thanks for the sweet words, I think I will end up 3rd. I saw that you had clicked the other day. Thanks a million for your support in everything.

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