passion in a baking tin …. barbara’s valentine’s cake

orange cake 4

I’m going to start of like an old miserable fart – I don’t like Valentine’s Day. I really hate it, just like I hate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Days only for the commercial gains.
If we can’t love our friends, partners, family and parents during the whole year – and show it … why bother at all. Also that those that doesn’t have a partner, mum or dad … have anyone thought about how they feel when those days comes up??? Now I have ventilated enough in this matter. And this has nothing to do with Barbara’s passion for Valentine’s Day.

I’m very cynical, aren’t I???? Still I have a big romantic heart

orange cake 1

Now to Barbara and her stunning cake – The Valentine’s Day Cake, it appealed to me because of the oranges in combination with strawberries. One of my favorite flavor combinations. Here is Sweden we have a Royal dessert, called “Strawberries a la Haga”. Haga is the royal castle where our Crown princess Victoria and Prince Daniel lives with their nearly year old daughter, Estelle. It’s also where our king and his 3 sisters grew up.
“Strawberries a la Haga” is fresh strawberries marinated in fresh orange juice and Grand Marnier served with vanilla ice cream. It was a dessert created for one of our Kings sister’s wedding.

So when I read Barbara’s beautiful post – I knew I had to try this out. Barbara@Just a Smidgen –  has one of the most beautiful blogs I know of – it’s so pretty and everything is so tasteful – I call it my sweetie shop. She put so much beauty and afford into every post she does. She also won the Canada Blog Award in 3 categories or was it 4???

orange cake. 2

The recipe is for two cakes – so I halved the recipe, one is more than enough for me.
Had to convert cups into ml and grams again … sometimes it doesn’t really add up, all depending on what converter I use over the net.

I didn’t read Barbara’s instructions fully – so I missed that the strawberry slices should be added after the cake had been in the oven for a while, I put them on at once before I put the tin in the oven and I was not into the heart shaped strawberries neither.

Otherwise I followed the recipe as it was written. When it came to the orange syrup I spooned it over the cake when it was lukewarm. After an hour I took a slice and for me the cake was far too sweet.

The next day I decided to eat it with the strawberry glaze and whipped cream. Before I started I took a slice of the cake and it wasn’t sweet as the evening before – it was very moist and light. Sorry, Barbara that I complained about the cake being too sweet – I take back every word.

orange cake

The orange glaze I didn’t do and regarding to the strawberry glaze – I made a fresh strawberry coulis instead. I just took a couple of the fresh strawberries, 1 tbsp icing sugar and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and run it with the mixer until it’s a smooth puree. I needed to use up the strawberries, wasn’t many to the punnet. I was also afraid that the glaze based on the strawberry jam was going to be too sweet.

And here is the result – it was lovely and I had it as dessert after my salmon pasta – which I will come to later.

I will make another cake this week – and bring it over to my mum – she will love it. It wasn’t a difficult cake to make. Need a bit of with the orange zest and the pressing of the juice, but when that was done it was very quick.

I would advise that you rinse the orange zest under really hot running water for a couple of minutes to take out the bitterness in it. It will not lose any flavor; it will bfecome more delicate and round in flavor instead. A trick of the trade.

So this cake, post and my cloud of music I dedicate to Barbara and her passion for all that she does – for all us singles and all those with a broken heart that has to survive Valentine’s Day too.

“Falling in love is so hard on the knees.”

clay-aiken- newnownex-mtvnimagescom

“Unchained Melody” is one of my ultimate love songs – it gives me goose bumps even between my toes (my big romantic heart’s fault). Not able to find a good track with Righteous Brothers, but I found this with Clay Aiken. For me a new star – an American singer born 1978 and his really name is Clayton Holmes Aiken – and his fame came with “Pop Idol” 2003 and he has some CV after that.  Never heard about him before, but I love his voice and he does a fantastic job of this wonderful song.


Photos provide by and thanks to: (dessert) & (castle) 

34 thoughts on “passion in a baking tin …. barbara’s valentine’s cake

  1. Oh I do love this song… I remember when younger cuddling up on the dance floor with those special girls of my yesteryear… but God it does age me… and Clay does do a great version of it, not quite like the Righteous Brothers… Oh now to listen to it again while I reread about the cake… couldn’t read properly when singing along to the music…and Linda was howling like a dog at my voice…
    Oh the cake does sound delicious, Linda agrees with me.. she has said no though.. worrying about my blood pressure…

    • There is no one that can do this song as Righteous Brothers – I think this is the ultimate love song – and that film “Ghost” made it even more romantic.
      I can’t sing neither – but I don’t have anyone that has to listen to me – am I will create howling too. *smile
      Tell both Linda and the dog .. that you live in a free country *smile – Made a new cake to my mum this morning. It’s a beautiful cake.

    • Easy cake to make .. made one for mum this morning – only the zest and the juice that is a bit work up – but when that is done … very quick .. and it looks great too with the strawberries on top.

  2. Yes, I hate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day with a passion. Sadly though, you cannot not be reminded of it thanks to all the hype, is it in stores or over the media. It just sucks!

    As for the cake, it sounds REALLY good and I have to try it. I don’t think I ever combined oranges and strawberries but it sounds delicious.

  3. Viveka, you expressed exactly how I feel about Valentine’s Day and those other holidays. The recipe looks good, except I’m one of these strange people who does not like strawberries. However, I would definitely taste this cake if you made it for me. 🙂

  4. I love the photos – how do you make them so bright? Do you get a lot of natural light this time of year? I could feel am having cabin fever – it’s been gray and dull for months now. Your food photos is enough to put a smile in my face. And Clay Aiken is looking much better compared to when he first won American Idol.

    • No, it’s still getting dark aournd 4pm – but I invested in a little mini portable studio – great little thing – that comes with 2 strong lights.
      Same here – 4 days grey, rain .. 1/2 with snow .. not much sunshine lately – terrible – want my white and frosty morning back. Very mild.
      Never heard about Clay before I came across this track, but looking at picture you’re right – he is more of a man now. Like his voice and he has done good for himself since “Idol”

  5. Your cake turned out just stunning and full of such brilliant color and design.. and your words are so kind and sweet themselves, Viveka. It’s really interesting to see a recipe done by someone else.. your tweaks (tweeks?) sound wonderful, I think a coulis would be much fresher than the jam.. I know what I will be doing the next time I make this cake. I agree regarding the sweetness, it did seem to mellow the next day, I wonder why? I hope your mom enjoys your cake.. you’re a sweetheart to make one for her. I think that’s what Valentine’s Day should be about.. sharing simple expressions of love with friends and family, not some romantic, greeting card marketing frenzy. I also love that song.. isn’t it the one from “Ghost”.. it always reminds me of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore:) xo Barb
    ps.. One of my boyfriends broke up with me on Valentine’s Day.. but I think that’s a story for another day:) xx

    • Then we have been in the same both – my fiancé and I broke up on Valentine’s Day, but it was a more mutual agreement.
      I think the cake become sweet because the cake is a bit warm and the orange stock is warm – things taste a lot more when they are warm. That is why nothing really tastes anything coming straight out of the fridge and don’t smells neither when chilled.
      Have cake for mum now .. she will love it.

      I agree with you about Valentine – but it has gone totally out of hands and the money being spent !!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Viveka!! This looks scrumptious!! (I read that writers shouldn’t use exclamation points, our language should show the excitement. But this cake deserves LOTS of exclamation points.) I will definately try this one out. I may go ahead and make the full recipe, one for me and one to share with my co-workers.

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