wish I could do more … the girl and the crow

I want to dictate this song to Terry – http://terry1954.wordpress.com – a woman that have devoted her life to her sick brother (Parkinsons) – and that doubt everyday about her strength and looking for help and support. Her own life is on complete hold and not a day she goes through without drama. She has her strong believes in Jesus and even if I don’t share that with her – I understand.

So Terry .. this I give to you – even if you don’t understand what Michael are singing … you will understand my translation.

The Girl and The Crow

I sat the other day and read my newspaper
a day like so many before.
Oh, I thought of all those dreams we dreamed that
one by one, has come to an end
Then I saw a picture of a girl
with a wounded crow in her arms
she runs away through the woods
as fast as she ever can
And she runs with fluttering curls
she is running on skinny legs
o she begs and she hopes and believes
that it should not be too late

The girl is small and her hair is so blonde
and her cheek is so flickering red
crow is clumsy and croaking black
in a moment it will be dead
But the girl, she runs for life
with a wounded bird in her arms
She runs to the safety and warmth
for what is right and true
O she runs with sparkling eyes
she is running on skinny legs
because she knows that it’s true, what daddy has said
– if there is life, it is never too late

O, I began to tremble in anguish and distress
I shook with fear and horror
for I knew quite clearly
that it was the picture of me that I have seen
For my hope is wounded crow
and I’m a running child
who believe there is anyone who can help me yet
who believe there is someone who has answers
O I run with the pounding heart
I’m running on skinny legs
O I am praying, though I really know
that it is already too late

Not a person that reads poem – but I love meaningful words – and this is one of the most wonderful poem I know, it’s a song that was recorded in 1981 with Mikael Wiehe – who also written the song.
It has only been released in Swedish – even if one of the ABBA-girls, Annifrid asked him if she could do it in English on her first solo album, it never happen.

Michael was inspired by a painting (above)  – by the same name –the girl and the crow. A Swedish artist by name Oscar Cleve, and he got the inspiration for his painting after that his daughter that had found a wounded crow in the forest and taken it to the vet.

This is my translating of the Swedish words – my favourite Swedish song of all time.

About our hope and our doubts. Our broken believes and that we still fight for it.

Photos provided by: Oscar Cleve /gigguide.se

9 thoughts on “wish I could do more … the girl and the crow

  1. i am speechless, not a word comes from my lips. i read this seeing myself, who i am today, and who i was yesterday. you know me very well Viveka. thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to see this and carry it with me for ever……..

    • Terry, have two windows open at the same time – so you can listen to Michael and read the words on the same time. Maybe you learn a Swedish word or two. Thank you for reblog.

    • Thank you …. there was two songs that I played nearly none stop when I went through my tough treatments, there wasn’t a day I didn’t give up for a while and it was this “the girl and the crow” and “i got a feeling” with the black eye peas – they where my motivation and both song made me happy in different ways.

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