v stands for victoria

Day 25 – V stands for Victoria 


Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland

Our Victoria is a very special lady !!!!
At their wedding her husband, now Prince Daniel, told all the guest and the whole nation about how caring and lovable she are.
“They where living together at that time and she was going away for 30 days to China – and she just return from her royal duties – and going away the following day to China.
In the morning after she left he found a box – with 30 letters– one letter for everyday they where going to be apart.”

The Swedish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. Sweden has had a king for more than a thousand years.
King Carl XVI Gustaf is the seventh King in the Bernadotte dynasty on the Swedish throne. He succeeded his grandfather King Gustaf VI Adolf on September 15, 1973.
Bernadotte is of French origin – we run out of kings to for the throne – so the Swedish government turned to Napoleon in France and asked if he had someone suitable for the job and he gave us – Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte born in Pau, France and he was bother in law to Napoleon – 21 August 1810 he became crown prince of Sweden.
11 May 1818 – he became king of Sweden, but also 7 September the same year he became king of Norway. From being Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte he became King Charles XIV of Sweden and Karl III Johan of Norway – and this is the platform our Crown princess stands on.

VICTORIA Ingrid Alice Désirée, was born 14 July 1977 in Stockholm and the eldest child to our Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf. Her brother, Carl Philip was born in 13 May 1979 and her sister, Madeline was born 10 June 1982 – they all had a normal upbringing and childhood – so normal as a royal children can have.
There is so much to write about her childhood, her education – all the honours she has received aboard – and her public work, don’t even know where to start .. so I will only bring up some milestones.

Victoria attended a state elementary school and collage in Stockholm, graduating in 1996. She next studied for a year (1996/97) at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest at Angersin,  France, and in the fall term of 1997 participated in a special program following the work of the Parliament of Sweden. During the years 1998 to 2000, Victoria resided in the United States, where she studied various subjects at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

In 2003 Victoria went through basic military training for soldiers serving aboard at SWEDINT in Södertälje, Sweden

As part of her ongoing studies initiated Crown Princess Victoria in September 2006, education at State Department’s diplomatic programs.
The program covered areas such as lectures, seminars and group exercises. The Crown Princess also made visits to various agencies and institutions. The training included two semesters and was completed in June 2007.

Victoria’s declaration of majority took place in the Hall of State at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on 14 July 1995. As of the day she turned 18, she is allowed to act as Head of State when her father is not in the country. Victoria made her first public speech on this occasion.

The Crown Princess Victoria Fund was set up in 1997 together with Swedish Radio and Television – The fund’s aim is to provide support for leisure and recreational activities for children and young people with functional disabilities or chronic illnesses.

In 1996 it was official that Victoria suffered from anorexia – but it had been kept a confirmed until the following year. She got professional help and with her public position was it very hard to keep it a secret. It was very clear that something was not right for her pictures in the press – in November 1997 the Royal Court confirmed what was feared.
1998 she moved to US for study at Yale University, where she also recover from her eating disorders. Her she could be a very private person and could get professional help without the press where changing her. She lived both in Atlanta and New York City.

In 2002 – the book “Victoria – Victoria” came and where she speaks about her eating disorders. Victoira said; “I felt like an accelerating train, going right down… during the whole period. I had eating disorders and was aware of it, my anguish was enormous. I really hated how I looked like, how I was… I, Victoria, didn’t exist. It felt like everything in my life and around me was controlled by others. The one thing I could control was the food I put in me”. She further said that “What happened cost and I was the one who stood for the payments. Now I’m feeling well and with the insights I’ve acquired through this I can hopefully help someone else”

 Victoria who has always been very popular with the media and press – never discussed her private life and tried her best to keep it private. There was couple of romances or what the press thought was romances. Nothing ever confirmed.

Then in May 2002 a young man by name Daniel Westling – owner of a couple of gyms – started to be connected more and more with Victoria. In July 2002 a magazine manage to caught them kissing at Victoria’s friends wedding – so that was it. Daniel was chased by the media and had to  run for his life – one time even against red light to avoid the photographers.

 Victoria was interviewed for Japanese newspaper – during her visit to Tokyo and Victoria did admit, “There is someone in my life”, but that marriage was not on her mind then. The interview was conducted at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo and published in the paper on 18 April 2005.

 So in 24th of November 2009 the announcement was made – they where engaged – wedding date was going to be 19th July 2010. We, Swedes where all delighted by the news. Victoria is our beloved princess and Daniel was her perfect match. You could see on all pictures together – they are so happy together.

The wedding day was fantastic – we could follow her whole day from wedding through the dinner, cutting of the cake and their first dance. A day full of happiness and she was shimmering of happiness. She had to wait 8 years for her prince. It was a Royal wedding, but it was so relaxed and it was all about her and Daniel, nothing very pompous and royalty stiff –  filled to the rim with joy. She was a stunning bride – in her Swedish designed dress, by Pär Engsheden.

When You Tell The World You’re Mine – The Official Wedding Song

Not A Frog – Prince Daniel’s speech to His bride

In August 2011 it was announced that Victoria was pregnant and the baby was excepted in beginning of  March this year – but At 4:26 am on 23 February 2012, Victoria gave birth to a baby girl, measuring 51 cm long (20 inches) and 3,280 grams (7 pounds, 3 ounces). The newborn is second-in-line to the Swedish throne, Princess ESTELLE Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden.

H.K.M. Kronprinsessan Victoria of Sweden – our Queen one day and so will Princess Estelle.

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12 thoughts on “v stands for victoria

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful young woman! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Victoria – my favorite girl’s name, by the way. I named my elder daughter Victoria. I am glad to discover your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts and learning about Sweden and your travels.

    • Thank you very much, Stacy – yes, she are a wonderful young woman and she are going to be a fantastic Queen. Victoria is a beautiful name. Will come go across and visit your world too. Welcome and please, come back!

      • It was a wonderful speech and really shows how much he truly loves Victoria. They should have a wonderful life together.

      • Yes, I don’t think there was an dry eye in Sweden .. he is just a ordinary guy – not even from a wealthy family. And to stand up and do a speech like that … and you can see how madly in love she are too.

  2. She’s one of those sensible royalties of the modern times. I’m sure that her down to earth approach in life and her genuine affection for her subjects will ensure that the Swedish monarchy survives. I’ve read of the scandals involving her father which has maybe caused damage to the image of the monarchy but Victoria’s huge popularity is a redeeming factor.

    • The scandals we don’t even know if they are true or not .. and I don’t think it has changed in our opinion about the royal family – nobody cares about that really – if it’s true it’s between him and the queen. There hasn’t been uproar anyhow over the scandals. Look at the French President – had both wife and mistress at his funeral. *smile

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