cee’s fun foto challenge; leaves and trees/

“Cheap photography isn’t good,
and good photography isn’t cheap”

“The leaves and the light are one.”
Albert Einstein

“I encounter one example after another
of how relative truth is.”
Raoul Wallenberg

The Raoul Wallenberg Emlékpark in Budapest, is located in the rear courtyard of the Dohány Street Synagogue holds the Memorial of the Hungarian Jewish Martyrs — at least 400,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Made by Imre Varga, it resembles a weeping willow whose leaves bear inscriptions with the names of victims.

“If you would know strength and patience,
welcome the company of trees.”
Hal Borland

CFFC: Leaves and Trees

6 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge; leaves and trees/

  1. Your quiet piano notes in the background took me into a much needed peaceful world . . . could see myself walking amongst maples and birches and larches. . . a leaf or two coming to make friends , , , the lovely minutes pf the day . . .

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