cee’s fun foto challenge – anything to do with boats.

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure.
I found it on the sea.”
Alaine Gerbault

Thank you, Cee! … this challenge is so close to my heart and my sea legs.

I got my first seaman book in 1972 – I have sailed all the 7 seas … sailed under the Southern Cross and the Polaris.

I have passed the equator 3 times and the International Date Line twice.

And I have lived where the ocean has docked in all my adult life.

This challenge entry I dedicate to one of the most beautiful totally man-made ship I ever been onboard … but never sailed.

“A ship in harbour is safe,
but that is not what ships are built for”

The Swedish Ship “Götheborg” that visited Landskrona in May 2013. If I had been 30 years younger I would have signed on. It requires 80 crew members (20 professional & 60 volunteers.)

“There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting,
and enslaving than the life at sea.”
Joseph Conrad

“Götheborg” is a sailing replica of the Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg I, launched in 1738. All sailors survived when the original ship sank off Gothenburg, Sweden in1745 while approaching the harbour on her return from a third voyage to China.

“The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.”
Isak Dinesen

Construction of the replica started in 1995, with the hull launched in 2003, and the rig fully tested for the first time in 2005. The ship cost 300SEK/$45.15/£29.83/€34.91 million to build.

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. “
Thomas S. Monson

It’s not easy to build an 18th-century ship in full 1:1 scale without the help of any original drawings. It doesn’t make it any easier when solely using the tools, building methods and materials of that time. In addition to that, the ship has to fulfil today’s safety requirements from authorities. However, sometimes, impossible dreams grow wings and take flight. (info: soic.se)

“The sea is the same as it has been since
before men ever went on it in boats.”
Ernest Hemingway

The Swedish Ship Götheborg was, during its expeditions, the largest sailing wooden ship in the world.


“‘Tis skill, not strength, that governs a ship.”
Thomas Fuller

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything to do with boats

26 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – anything to do with boats.

    • Thank you so much, Janet … I can imagine the joy and freedom you feel on a horseback and that the mountains also give that endlessness … and gives you the feeling of owning all the time in the world.
      Have only been on a horseback once … on Easter Island and I was so sore the day after.

    • THAAAaAAaaAank you!!!!! Not my usual entry to your challenges – but you played it my hands this week … and I just had to share this fantastic story and ship. So photogenic, Oscar loved to be aboard. *smile

    • Emma, thank you so much for the visit … and for taking the time to comment. Very NICE!!! Yes, it’s tough job aboard a ship like that … I mean 80 crewmembers in total. It doesn’t have any engines .. only relay on the wind and the sails. You have to be strong and fit to manage .. and have also a good mental strength … because there is no single cabins. *smile It’s all about teamwork .. onboard a ship like this.

  1. Methinks I largely live by the well-known ‘the ship in the harbour is safe, but . . . ‘ saying -oft it is so much easier to be ‘safe’ in quietude. but ire we not given thoughts we should express to reach fulfilment in life . . . ? No, we may not be able to ‘direct the wind’ but we can respond . . . Glorious photos, Vivi / . . . and one of my favourite pieces of music . . .

    • Eha, thank you so much for your though filled comment. Yes, it’s comforting to be safe … and do nothing. I’m like you … my mum learned me everything about civil courage and to speak my mind when I find things be to be totally wrong. Yet, it hasn’t really put me in any “danger” … but this days anything can tick people off.
      My childhood wasn’t the most funniest and I was a very lonely child … I was quite young when I decided to adjust my sails (my life) … and I manage to get on a good trajectory. Those two quests and the first one … is very much me. And the music … that I knew nothing about until I started to watch the fabulous TV-series – didn’t miss one episode of the 8 series …. from early 70’s into the 80’s. The Onedin Line. It’s one of my favorites too.

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    I knew I’d find something interesting about boats here today!
    Wow! What an achievement to build that thing! Why am I not surprised that it was the world’s largest in its time???
    Many hugs and hope you are feeling well?!
    xo Claudia xo :-=

    • Dia, so lovely to see you!!! Miss you! My friend it’s the largest still, but it’s sailing anymore just for special events. Too costly, but it’s in Gothenburg. *smile
      I’m doing fine .. we had some really nice days … so I have been building up a bit of tan out in our backyard. But my eye is still a massive problem .. had an infection in it that don’t want to go away. 6 weeks now, back to the doctor on Tuesday. No direct pain just discomfort. A big SundayEveningHug .. just finished a bowl of ice cream. Life is good. *smile

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