tuesday photo challenge – retrospective

Frank, have made it easy for me this time …. I want to go back to my fantastic Christmas in 2018 in Tbilisi.

The Christmas before I spent in Krakow and CNN showed one morning Tbilisi in “60-second vacation” and I knew that so soon I was back home in Landskrona I will book for 2019’s Christmas and in less than 4 weeks both hotel and flights was booked.

Tbilisi the city with the big heart, one of our big daily newspapers had as headline 6 months later – and I couldn’t say it better myself.

Tbilisi became one of my greatest adventures … or in Tbilisi, I met the adventure.

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go and see.”

In October my friend and blogging sister Ann Christine@LEYA visited Tbilisi too together with her husband Lars, because of what I told them about Tbilisi … an Ann Christine said on her return home “I didn’t want to leave” and I had exactly the same feeling … when I sitting in my airport transfer 3.30am on my home.

But I’m going back over Easter this year with another friend for a whole week.  Not counting down for take-off yet, Nice comes first in February.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Retrospective



10 thoughts on “tuesday photo challenge – retrospective

  1. Tblisi I hope to visit one day. After falling for Krakow and hearing you speak about Gdansk, that’ll be our next visit to Poland. Happy New Year Viveka, may 2020 be happy and filled with friends and adventures.

    • Happy New Year to you and your bunch!!! Poland … It doesn’t matter where you go … you will come home with great experiences. Poland is absolute my favorite destination for short breaks. The food is fantastic and in Gdansk they do great Mojitos. You will love it.

    • Tatiana …. it truly is!!! Tbilisi really embrace you. A fantastic adventure in a very manifold city … with warm and friendly people. Thanks for you visit and lovely comment.

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