“my sorry ass” are smiling a bit

3 years after my cancer (cervical) journey I started to get a burning sensation in my lower part of my colon – and it got worst and worst, after 2 months I went our day clinic and it resulted in colonoscopies and other tests. 

After 4 months with different medicines, I had a meeting with an expert at the Malmö Unv. Hosptial and he explained what had happened… during my radiotherapy the nerves around the lower part had gone damage. He said with my intense radiotherapy treatment – 5 per day in 37 days – it’s like having a microwave in the pelvic – and it can take a couple of years before the problems start.   He also told me that the damage is not repairable and it’s something I have to live with. Not the first time I heard that about the treatments after effects.

He referred me to a lovely doctor at Lund Unv. Hospital, the hospital where I was operated and got my treatment. She said the same thing and we tried out a couple of different medicines … but nothing eased the pain. That is now 4 years ago and I have really struggled, some days I can’t sit, stand or walk … and I have got some “lucky pills” to help me through the worst days.


My “sorry ass” and I get along most of the days, so long I don’t sit for too long. I would say that 80% of my days is a “burning hell”.

A couple of weeks ago I looked around on Google for some help and information, and of course I found it in the USA, Dallas base manufacture, but I can buy it in Sweden: Hemor-Rite.

The The Hemor-Rite® cryotherapy device is anatomically designed for the direct application of cold therapy to the internal treatments, of course also for the external and internal hemorrhoidal masses. It was designed with consideration of human anatomy and medical concepts for the treatment of this medical condition. Is direct application of cold can provide immediate relief of pain, itching, swelling, and inflammations. 

To be kept in the freezer 2 hours before first treatment and not for more than 8 min. and it has to be at least 2 hours in between usage. The first day of treatment it can be used up to 8 times. I have only used it 2 times per day and it works, not every day … but most days.

It can cause some bleeding, but I haven’t notice that the bleeding has increased … for me that it has decreased.

It’s not uncomfortable to use at all …. only that I have to lay in bed while using it.

Here in Sweden, it cost me: €28/£22.50/$32/265SEK.  I would have paid anything for my “sorry ass” to smile at times through the years …  and I think but I have a feeling that I have found it, without breaking the bank. Too early to say for certain, but if I must give it a try. Even if doesn’t work for me every day… it will be a massive plus for every day it works.

And tomorrow …. my “sorry ass” and I will take off to Vienna for 1 week and the device is coming along too. *smile

“I’m in pain all the time, and if I gave into it then I’d do nothing.”
Bernard Cornwell

37 thoughts on ““my sorry ass” are smiling a bit

    • Thanks, Maralee …. you’re so right! Some relief is better than none. Vienna and I are very good friends. *smile … full summer there +21C today.

    • I love the song too .. first I had a Mozart cloud over the post, but then I remembered this song. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  1. I am so glad you have found some relief Vivi. I know what it is like to be in pain and your final quote applies to me and is something I have told other people. Don’t give in, carry on, which you have certainly been doing. I have every admiration for your perseverance.

    • Jo, I totally with the quote too. The pain in my feet and my “sorry ass” is a part of me and my life now, but I could truly be without both. *smile Thank you so much for your support!

  2. So happy for any relief you can find, Vivi! Science moves on all the time and you just have to keep looking. I love your bravery and determination to tackle life. Have a wonderful time, and give my love to Vienna. 🙂 🙂

  3. Hope you will have a great time – as usual! And if anyone masters the art of finding what you need via internet – it is you. So glad you get some help from this device! Sent you a card when I came back from Bhutan instead, hopefully there when you return!

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