culture-date with a broken toe

Every month I and my friend Iris meet up for a girly day out – most of our dates have some culture event included.

Yesterday was our first date for the year … because in January she was away on holiday, then I visit the UK and Ireland … February I was under the duvet with the B-flue, so we had a bit of a late start in 2018.

Yesterday we met up with good food, very nice wine … and a musical matinee at the Malmö Opera. I stunningly beautiful day; clear blue sky and sunshine but also a strong icing cold wind.

My dilemma was that I banged my right little toe into my bed about 10 days ago – and broke it, but I hadn’t had any problems as such more than it has delivered some pain when I was barefoot and by bedtime. Have been able to have both shoes and boots on without any major problems, but on Saturday when I decided to go for a seafront walk in the lovely sunshine … the pain was awful, but I manage to get some necessary errands done. That was it and at bedtime, it was like my heart had moved down into my toe.


So for Sunday, the prospects weren’t the best for me finding a shoe that my toe would be comfortable in and for me to suffer less from the pain, my Skechers Flex – not really a shoe for this time of year or occasion, but the only option. Wasn’t too bad, but I was limping – made to the train, made it to the Malmö Opera House – manage to enjoy the fantastic lunch … but during the show.

OH, My God! My poor toe was at that time overworked and the pain level was horrible. Didn’t make a difference if I kept the shoe on or took it off. During the intermission, I was able to get some water and got one of my lucky pills down. After about 40 min I felt my head … going all funny and the pain eased.

So the second act of the musical I could enjoy and my journey back to Landskrona became manageable.

Yesterday we started off with a fantastic lunch at the Malmö Opera Grill – had “Night-baked Pork Belly with lettuce salad and Roasted Fennel with Rosemary sauce” and a “Lemon pie with sesame and meringue”. Also, enjoyed a glass of a brilliant Italian red (their house wine) that I don’t remember the label on.

The musical!!! “Pippin.

“Pippin” is a 1972 musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Roger O. Hirson. Bob Fosse, who directed the original Broadway production.

I musical I never heard about but it has won the Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical plus – been set up around the world and on and off Broadway since 1972.

©Malin Anresson/

The story is about a troupe artist, led by a charismatic spell, arrives to tell the story of the young prince Pippin. Pippin is confused over existence. He tries to find the meaning of life in every possible way; You are fighting battlefields, political games, higher positions of power and the lusts of the flesh, but nothing makes him really happy.

©Gunilla Fritze/SVT

The Malmö Opera House present like their set up… “Thousands of meters of paillette fabric and the meaning of life”. The customs as pure magic, the music good at times, some good laughs, but it didn’t blow my socks off.


All glitter was designed by Camilla Thulin – and her customs are magical.

I don’t know why the musical didn’t land with me – maybe it was because the actor, Oscar Pierrou Lindén, that plays “Pippin”. A part that didn’t give him a chance to show all his charisma and the brilliant dancer he is. Nothing wrong with anyone performances. Or maybe my aching toe was interfering with my enjoyment, but Iris had the of opinion. 

Even if the musical and I didn’t click – it became a great date … leaving the Opera House … Oscar got a chance to get out from the handbag during the 5 min walk to the station.

I was back in Landskrona 7.40 pm and of course I missed my bus with a couple of minutes.

For about 15 min I was the only person at the station – the evening was beautiful … a bit chilly, but no wind at all – and I enjoyed sitting there on the bench in waiting for my bus … it felt like it was only me and the chilly evening. A great feeling. 

Today my toe and I are keeping a very low profile. *laughing

“When I bang my toe against something,
isn’t like I pressed a button that plays
all the curse words I know”


12 thoughts on “culture-date with a broken toe

  1. “… it felt like it was only me and the chilly evening. A great feeling. ” I know that feeling – I’m glad you got it despite your aching toe. Hopefully better tomorrow!

    • A-C, I really enjoyed my 15 min moment … alone at the station … the evening was so beautiful and it’s truly a great feeling to have alone with the universe experiences at times. I will take it easy this week, let the toe get the space it needs. *smile

  2. I don’t know what you can do to help a broken toe? Have you had it x-rayed, Vivi? Just keep your foot up! Walking won’t have helped. So easy to do daft things, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂

    • Jo, not much to do – it will heal by itself … and they don’t x-ray it. Today we have taken it easy, the toe and me. But it’s very sore – shoes has to wait to later in the week. We will give it a try again. Just wonder why I didn’t have any problems for the first 10 days.???!!!!! I bang that toe often – and I can’t even remember that it was painful *smile – Totally agree … I do daft things.

  3. 🙂 Oh, Wivi,
    I know what it feels like! I broke one of my toes only 4 weeks ago. Outch!
    Hope you are feeling better by the time you get here.
    Keith Haring just opened at the Albertina on Friday…
    Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! xo 🙂

    • I hope your toe is okay now … my big worry is that it will not be okay until Vienna – have problems enough with the feet to walk. Keith Haring looks interesting, had to Google. I was thinking of a visit to Schönbrunn if the Spring has arrived – what is your view on that. I’m easy going.

      • 🙂 Dear Wivi,
        I’m easy. Whatever you’re up to. I have a car and can pick you up and take you home. So no need to worry.
        Hope you’re feeling better by now!
        Duvet hugs xo 🙂

      • Dia, thank you so much … but I have paid for the hotel room already. And I don’t mind a train journey. Let’s see what the weather is allowing us to do. Only 2,5 weeks now. My toe is still sore – struggling with shoes, but I’m taking it easy. TimeForBedhug!

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