a bit of everything in belfast

…. but mostly about friendship!!! And great food!!!!!lunch-menu

You don’t visit Ireland becauce of the weather, doesn’t matter what time of year …. Belfast did provide me with nearly 3 seasons in 4 days; ice cold rain, strong winds, sunshine, blue sky, snow and mist.

Belfast has very deep roots in my heart and I feel at home so soon as I step off the airport bus from Dublin. And I have been welcomed by rain most of the times.visit-belfast

I lived 10 years in Belfast, in the end of the problems and I was lucky to being able to take part and enjoy the positive progress against peace. How a very quite city center slowly transformed into a buzzing metropol.

Today a blooming city and many visitors from all over the world.
Belfast is a pleasant, friendly and very afforable city with all of the Irish charm. Something for everyone with out empting the bank account like Dublin has a tendency to do.

My days was filled with the usual shopping, meeting up with friends and just take time as it comes.

I got my teeth checked up by my dentist, Connor … no problem and a couple of hours with my hairdresser, Julie, resultated in shorter hair and a more vibrant redhead.

Had lunch with my friend Barbara, morning coffee with my old boss an dear friend Stephen and dinner with my favorite Belfast girl, Gina. Two of my Beflast connections didn’t have time over for me this time, but there is always a next time.belfast-city-hall

Quite a few new waterholes had open up during the last 12 months … tried out a couple of them and none let me down. I dare to say that Belfast has become one of the most exciting food-cities in Europe …. a great playground for foodies. Something for all budgets and tastes. High quality of products and service.

My favorite become Patisserie Valerie by City Hall … a piece of Paris in Belfast, with the most beautiful patisseriers and cakes. It has been around in UK since 1926, but arrived Belfast in May last year and now has 2 outlets in the city center.

I’m not a big fan of Paris, but I love the pastries that the city offers … and now some off them has now landed in Belfast.

Going across to Scotland is a bit of a gambling this time of year … and this time I’m unlucky, do to the weather conditions the vessels were not able to dock at the Scotish port. So there is 1,5 hour delay on my 15.30 depature.
But as an old sailor … weather and sea in combination has a mind of it’s own and it’s only to wait.

Still waiting !!!!

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing,
no wind is favorable.”

18 thoughts on “a bit of everything in belfast

    • Robert, thank you so much …. when I lived in Belfast I never took my camera with me out… the last 8 years when I visit I think I have covered nearly every corner of the city. Thank you! Means a lot to me ..

    • Meg, I don’t stop until I have to, but I took it very slowly this time, didn’t chase around the city with Oscar – have so many images from Belfast already.

  1. Got my answer(re Belfast)! I wondered if you were continuing on to Scotland as I know that’s your ‘norm’. 🙂 I surely hope to make Belfast one day and put some of your tips into action. But you know what a disaster my travel diary is! Travel safe, hon 🙂 🙂

    • Safe in Scotland with my friends … had a good night sleep. The day started off lovely, but now it’s iffy again.
      I know you would love Belfast … great city, great people and affordable. Loads of history and object for your camera. Next January I will be back!
      Leaving from Edinburgh on Wednesday.

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