insurance let down

For months I have tired to get help for my friend that have some mental problems …. but nothing has happen, no doctor has really been concerned about her state of mind.

So instead for her sitting all alone over Christmas we decided that she was coming with me to Prague! One of most beautiful cities there is.

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On Christmas Eve something strange happened to her … and I had to ask the hotel to call for an ambulance, we all thought it could be a stroke. So we great noise and flashing blue light she was taken to hosptial. Luckily it wasn’t a stroke.

Sunday I had to return home alone with both our luggage and a terrible feeling over left her behind, but the insurance company said that they will not cover me staying behind.

Yesterday morning her doctor in Prague phoned me and he took contact with the insurance company … they said that they will send somebody to company her back to Sweden.

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One hour later they phoned and said that they now have been in contact with her doctor here in Landskrona and .. the insurance don’t cover her “problem” because she was unstable before she left.

But she wasn’t unstable enough to get medical help at here at home !!!!! They told me that we should have asked the doctor if she was fit for travel. Never thought about it, because he hasn’t shown any interest in her “problem. When she meet him, he asked her why she was there .. and that he only dealt with physical problems and not mental.

So now the insurance company are not covering her expenses  – and neither for me to go back to Prague to bring her back to Sweden. The doctor in Prague is so upset and angry over the whole thing.

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I’m sure that if we had asked the doctor if she could go to Prague, he would have said .. no problem, but because we didn’t ask him … he are not supporting her situation. They haven’t seen her unstable while being at home.

As a Swede, should she had her European Health Insurance Cards with her, but her’s was out date. So that had meant to that we had to pay the bill the to hospital and then claiming it back on return to Sweden. Awful lot of money. So I went on Swedish Health Insurance Fund’s website and there they inform that they can provided temporary card if the patient don’t have one. European Health Insurance Card meant that we will get free hospital and medical care in 28 European countries. Fantastic agreement.

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I phoned them and no problem, but it’s the hospital’s or doctor’s that has to ask for the temporary card … but the lady was so helpful, she asked if I could get the doctor’s fax number and she will fax it to him. 30 min later he had it .. and it’s valid for 30 days.

The doctor in Prague is fantastic guy, haven’t met him. Today we talked the doctor and I … my friend is ready go home, but the problems is that there is no flights until next year – if we don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for First Class. Nobody from the insurance company have informed him about that they have changed their mind about their decision and he are fuming.

In this story there is many angels too …. the staff at EA Embassy Hotel, ambulance crew and emergency doctor, staff and doctors at Neurologická klinika 1 and Psychiatrická klinika in Prague … and the ladies at Swedish Health Insurance Fund’s. And of course Kateřinská at Cafe Archa Barista and her colleague Tomas, that was there for me everyday when I need a hug, comforting words, a calorie free piece of cake with a great a cappuccino.

And if everything will work as we hope – I will go to Prague on 4th and bring my friend back, will fly out early and morning and we will back in Sweden the same evening.

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“Fun is like an insurance;
the older you get, the more it costs.”
Frank McKinney

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29 thoughts on “insurance let down

    • Yes, I’m really tired now … the doctor she has now has the head screwed on .. and he has changed some some of her medicine. But to spend New Year Eve on a mental ward. – I wish I could change that …

    • Andy, thank you …. she is in good hands, but she is not staying on Hilton. And all hospital staff is so kind and helpful, but not all speaks English. I blame the doctor here in Landskrona. It was his words that changed everything and he haven’t been interested in her case at all.

  1. What a mess, Vivi! So much worry and stress for you and you are not the healthiest young chick on the block! I think that mental health problems are among the most neglected in the world and I am sure you are furious with her doctor. Thank goodness you have found people with hearts almost as big as yours to help.

    • Girlfriend, both the Czech doctor and I’m fuming …. I think the doctor had a talk with insurance’s doctor today again, but it will not change anything. If we are lucky will it only cost her about 300 pound for both our tickets. In all honesty I’m glad that she gets care in Prague, but here in Landskrona NOTHING!!! We will be back on Psychological ER in Lund, straight away and I’m sure the Prague doctor will send some documentation with her. And I will bring him a bottle of the finest champagne. There was so many fantastic people there for her first of all .. and the hotel was truly concerned about her.

      • She was lucky, I suppose, Vivi, to meet with such kind treatment. You, not so much, with all the pieces to put together. You have to look after yourself too sweetheart! What a lovely friend you are.

      • Jo, thank you so much for the kind words and support. She only have me … and I wouldn’t like to be her place … and time I have plenty of.

  2. 🙂 Wivi, you are an Angel!
    What you are doing for your friend is unbelievably GOOD! Out of this world!
    She’s very lucky to have such a fantastic friends (and so am I)
    BIG hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo 🙂

    • Mabel, yes a bit messy … but nothing is impossible – and I will bring her home, so soon the hospital gives okay. Your comment had become a spam????!!!
      Thank you for your support.

    • Thank you, Colleen … I’m sure that many of us would have done the same thing .. that’s what friends are for. Totally agree about the insurance companies … *smile Didn’t talk to the doctor yesterday, but she is okay to go home, but he asked me to wait until the insurance company had come back to him.Because he can only work after what they told him and to him they said she will get their help. Feeling so sorry for my friend, but she is in good hands.

  3. When she needed a friend, you were there. That is the most precious gift.

    The health insurance bureaucracy and hassle — I thought that kind of thing only happened in the States! Because that is very, very familiar to me.

    I remember once listening to a radio talk show that was interviewing a group of Iraq War vets. The wife of one of the soldiers had an emergency and needed to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The husband was in Iraq and could not get home. The ambulance refused to take the wife unless she paid first, and she put everything on her credit card. Needless to say, the soldier was pissed.

    Take care of yourself!

    • How dreadful …!!! Terrible, I hope we don’t come to this in Sweden, but I have heard about the (lack of) healthcare in US.
      It was all down to the doctor in Sweden that the insurance company didn’t want to pay out, but she home now and the we been to see doctors here, 8,5 hrs waiting time at ER but they are going to hurry up her case, so something good came out it in the end and the medicine she started on in Prague seems to work very good, she can sleep without pills and her appetite is back.
      Her behavior is a lot more stable and responsive – mental illness is a trick thing.
      Thank you so much for your response … and I wish you only the best for 2016!

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