christmas came early

I have been told that Santa lives in Lappland …. so one of his little helpers must be living in Vienna. well packed

The other day I got the most well packed parcel ever … full of goodies, lovely card and a really treasure; a Swedish blue luggage tag from Louis Vuitton, with my initials in yellow or maybe it’s gold. Can’t be a better match to my very Swedish blue/yellow & yellow

And also without a doubt the best Marzipan in the world, Niederegger, made in Lübeck. And those rumkugeln I started on so soon I managed to open the parcel. Both Santa’s little helper and I love our marzipan. loads of goodies

Dia@HaapyFace313 and I met for the first time in real life, August-14 – a boiling hot Sunday … and we found a friendship straight away.

So now when I visit Vienna a couple of weeks ago, was it time again for a girly day out that started with a Vienna Breakfast at Cafe Landtmann – with a bit of bubble togehter with a belated birthday cake (for me) with the whole show with candles. And of course a lot of talk and more talk for hours.

After that we walked through the city … and a visit to Albertina Art Museum – that have a show of the Norwegian painter, Edvard Munch’s art. He was a very dark soul and very troubled … which shows very clearly in his art. A bit too dark and depressing for my taste, but there was highlights too.

I’m more a Monet-girl. *smile – so we re-visited their “Monet to Picasso” exhibition again.

After a couple of arty hours was it time for food again, something we really have in common. I just love people that enjoy food!!! After a bit of difficulties where to eat and what to eat, it wasn’t like we didn’t have anything to choose from. Only that we really didn’t want to end up on a place with only tourists and we landed in  a very nice Italian restaurant, Fiorenzano.

We enjoyed our Cabonnara very much and … the dessert was the cream on the mash, a cinnamon parfait. Fantastic ending on a brilliant day with in the company of Santa’s little helper.Burgtheater

Since we became blogging sisters have we talked about taking a Transatlantic cruise with Cunard Line together from Hamburg to New York – a couple of days in New York and fly back home. We both are putting our faith and wishes into the Euro Lottery … if we don’t play we can’t win.

So, Dear Santa, help us out and manipulate a little with those balls!!!!!!

“But a lottery isn’t meaningless. Someone has to win.”
J.G. Ballard

hofburg bling

16 thoughts on “christmas came early

  1. 🙂 Hey, Swedish girlfriend,

    I’m so happy that Santa didn’t get lost in Lappland.
    Looks like he loves to travel just as much as you and I do.

    By the way, yesterday I took about 20 lottery tickets to the store to have them checked – I “won” roughly 11 Euros. Hahaha 😀
    Sleep well, sweet dreams and many hugs xo 🙂

    • 11 Euros???!!! Better than nothing, but … keep on playing. Yes, Santa he loves travel … but he should spread it out all over the full year – too much travelling for one evening. I wouldn’t be a good Santa, that would make me cranky. *smile Think about the jetlag he must have.
      Wish you a great week … duvet hug. *smile

  2. Aaah, lucky you to have received such a lovely parcel from Santa – you must have been a good girl this year 😉 Love that Marzipan as well – bought myself some here too to get me over the Adven Season alright… Enjoy the parcel, and the friendship you’ve found ❤

    • Yes, it looks like it … don’t get many gifts at Christmas anymore … so that made it even more special to me. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and thanks for the visit.

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